Laptop Key Board Rarely works, Why?

By dhrupod ·

Recently I was handed a out of warranty ACER Aspire 5600 Notebook in which the touchpad and keyboard works "occassionally".

The scenerio is like:

"If I connect an USB Mice or Keyboard, the notebook works fine. But, Most of the times the in built keyboard and touchpad doesnot work."

I have checked the drivers and in fact I cleaned the hard drives and installed complete new copy of windows. Also checked the memory modules and they are just fine. When the machine runs no burning or suspicious smelling comes out.

I also opened the cover and checked the board with magnifying glass and no physical damage is visible on the board or other modules.

I definitely understand this must be something to do with hardware but what is that? Is there any software to run in depth hardware checkup?

If any one knows please reply.

Thanks in advance.


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Have you checked

by ComputerCookie In reply to Laptop Key Board Rarely w ...

device manager for any hardware conflicts?

They should appear as yellow exclamation marks, probably under HID.


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If you were "handed it" maybe it was already damaged? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Laptop Key Board Rarely w ...

I would've thought, had it been fully functional, it would have been sold to you.

Have you asked the previous 'owner' for details of the keyboard problem?
Have you checked on the Acer site for drivers?

In its previous life, the Acer may have been the subject of a liquid spill. That would account for the intermittent damage.

If as you say, you have been able to open the casing, did you check the little ribbon cable where the keyboard is connected to the motherboard. The connection is quite sturdy but ALSO rather flimsy. The clip DOES NOT COME OUT - IT IS A SLIDER! If this slider has become dislodged, the ribbon may be making/breaking contact intermittently due to physical movements of the chassis.

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by dhrupod In reply to If you were "[i]handed it ...

Seems logical enough.. thanks.. i will run the checks again ...

thanks gain

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Also, inspect the ribbon cable closely

by robo_dev In reply to If you were "[i]handed it ...

for the conductive paint may have cracked, especially if a heavy-handed tech has worked on the machine.

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Since you can plug in USB devices and it works

by OH Smeg In reply to Laptop Key Board Rarely w ...

That narrows the problem area to the Keyboard Touch Pad, Ribbon Cables to the M'Board or the actual sockets on the M'Board.

If the external Keyboard didn't work reliably you could then be looking at the Keyboard Interface on the M'Board being faulty and needing replacing which means a new M'Board.

I'm not sure of any software to test Keyboards and Touch Pads as such but you could give the Ultimate Boot CD a lash and see what if anything it picks up.


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