Laptop Keyboard not working on login - Vista

By cyprussteve ·
I have an HP Pavilion which is about 2 years old and is generally fine. However, when I booted it up today, I could not enter my password. Only a few keys on the keyboard were recognised - maybe 4 or 5.

I logged into another account which has no password, switched user back to mine and all was fine. I have recreated the problem many times after logout / reboot etc.

I am running Trend AV and think the PC is virus clean.

Any ideas?

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Well assuming that the NB is working fine otherwise

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Laptop Keyboard not worki ...

And that the Keyboard isn't failing have you been using an External Keyboard recently?

If so plug it back in and return the system to the defaults. So turn off Caps Lock and things like before unplugging the external Keyboard and try again.


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No changes (as far as I know)

by cyprussteve In reply to Well assuming that the NB ...

thanks for the reply.

I can confirm that I have not plugged any external devices in or out - keyboards, HDDs, docking stations, USB storage etc - between the last time this was working and now.

I can also confirm that once logged in, I can log out and back in again quite happily - which would seem to suggest something is being loaded during the login process which corrects the problem.

I can also confirm that the only keys that respond on the welcome screen after powering up are the vowels - a, e, i, o & u...though only in lower case...and the number 4. Everything else produces zero response.

If I hit caps lock, the entire keyboard seems to be ignored except capital W which drops me back from my login screen to the welcome screen and capital S which prompts the system to ask if I want to reboot, shutdown etc.

If I type something into the password box then use the arrow keys to select it, I can use the Del key to delete it.

Confused am I!

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Well it really sounds as if

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to No changes (as far as I k ...

Someone has plugged in an external Keyboard and hit the Caps Lock Key, then unplugged the Keyboard.

But if you are certain that this has not happened go to the Admin Account and delete the Keyboard then using the Touch Pad restart the system and allow Windows to install the Drivers for the Keyboard. Ideally here you should create another Admin Account without a Password or remove your Password on your Account before doing this.


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reinstalled keyboard drivers

by cyprussteve In reply to Well it really sounds as ...

Deleted keyboard drivers, reinstalled, rebooted (twice just to be sure) and no change.

I don't have an external usb keyboard and the PC has been with me all the time....we do have some ipods/iphones.....I wonder if they could be the culprit?

Anyway, it still only responds to aeiou and 4 until after a complete login.

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Well I suppose you could try a System Restore

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to reinstalled keyboard driv ...

To some time prior to this starting to happen. Though personally I have not had much luck doing this it may save you the need to do a Repair Install.

How to do a Inplace/Repair Install

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