Laptop Keyboard Replacement Incident

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uhh i was trying to clean my laptop keyboard and removed a key, cleaned it successfully
After that i removed another 2 keys and cleaned them
now the problem is they are not getting in anymore
Did i break or harm something and can i fix this by myself
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by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Laptop Keyboard Replaceme ...

To tell people what Make and Model NB you have attacked as there are a lot that are all different.

However generally speaking if the Keys do not clip back onto the Keyboard you need to replace the Keyboard which again it would really help if we knew the make and model of the NB but on every NB I have ever worked on there is a Ribbon Cable that connects the Keyboard to the Motherboard and it is just a matter of unclipping the connector remove the old Ribbon Cable insert the new one and lock the connector down again after screwing in the keyboard.

However getting to that Ribbon Cable can be difficult and can involve stripping the entire NB down and getting the small short screws mixed up so they may not end up in the propper holes and not hold the thing together again. Also some NB's have very short cables so when you split the top from the bottom if you put your hand inside to do something it can pull off several leads which are very hard to get back on without causing more to disconnect on those NB's there is very little room to do any work and they can be a nightmare to work on.

As for a New Keyboard you can not just buy any and expect it to fit you need to buy the one for that Make and Model NB now for the good news if it is common NB you may be able to pick up one on places like E Bay at a reasonable price though it may take some time to arrive you would have to look and pay attention to the Make and Model NB. However if it is not one of the more common NB you;ll have to go to the Maker for a replacement Keyboard and that can be expensive in comparison to the prices that you can get an Aftermarket Keyboard for.

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