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Laptop LCD Problem

By 4T ·
When the laptop boots, the screen has a very reddish tint. By the time windows gets to the desktop the backlight goes out. Laptop had new inverter installed recently, and worked fine for a while. The CCFL seems like it is okay, seeing as how it works sometimes. Any suggestions? Also any good LCD troubleshooting/repair books out there?


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by BFilmFan In reply to Laptop LCD Problem

With the high cost of LCD screens and the low cost of laptops, it get generally isn't worth wasting your money to repair. Either buy a new laptop or get a LCD flat screen monitor.

And manufacturer's laptops vary widely, so you would need the technical support manual for your particular model.

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by 4T In reply to

Although I agree that the cost is usually not worth it, seeing as the LCD itself is ok the parts should be less than $100(if I knew what to buy, or test).

As far as specific models there should at least be a general troubleshooting guide somewhere. Like if screen has dim image, the problem is most likely an inverter or CCFL. Just like any advanced PC hardware guide would tell you. I cant believe that information like that does not exist.

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by rindi1 In reply to Laptop LCD Problem

Symptoms like that often are caused by bad cables. The LCD Cables in notebooks have to be flexible, and they often break or get bad. The reddish tint suggests a contact problem in the cable, so i'd try to get hold of new cables for your display. The backlight itself is a seperate, neon-like tube, that shouldn't be too expensive to replace, either.

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by 4T In reply to

Thanks for your effort, but there was not enough detail to the answer.

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by richard_barsby In reply to Laptop LCD Problem

Redish display on power up indicates a tired lamp sometimes pressing down the lid switch will bring it back on and if you do this a few times then until display is white it may stay on.

Most backlight inverters use an IC which detects an open lamp condition when a lamp gets tired it needs more voltage to strike and keep it going if the voltage is too high the chip detects this and shuts the inverter down.

It is possible to replace the lamp depending on the panel construction lamps can cost upto $50.

The lamp is a slim approx 2mm dia flourescent tube with out heaters as in domestic lighting hence "CCFL = Cold Cathode Flourescent Lamp"


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by 4T In reply to

Yes, the CCFL was the problem. Sorry for the long delay. Thanks.

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by 4T In reply to Laptop LCD Problem

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