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    Laptop losing connection to the domain


    by eagledelta1 ·

    For the past few days now everytime a specific employee comes into work, she cannot access her account from her workstation(Win XP Pro SP3).

    She gets the “Client is not able to connect with domain or Domain controller is not available.” message.

    So far, the solution has been to just remove the computer from the domain, then rejoin it, which is easy enough.

    But it’s hampering production and taking both the IT department and Sales away from their more important tasks at hand.

    any ideas why the client would have this problem every morning?

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      by eagledelta1 ·

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      Domain issues

      by s_cote ·

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      I wonder if it is the machine or the users profile causing the issue. You could try and swap out their PC with a different one and see if it still happens. Could be a corrupt profile on the users PC. I’ve had this happen before while we were switching domains, the machine would sometimes decide to use the older profile instead.

      We use Ghost, so whenever I run into annoying issues like this I just copy the users docs and settings data on a thumb drive (not the entire thing though if it is corrupt) and then reimage the PC.

      On the other hand, check that the NIC isnt set to a power save mode. Ive had laptops in the past that turn off the nic to save power which could be causing the issue. Should be able to check this under the network connection properties under power management.

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