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Laptop Mainboard Issues

By Chilli_Willie ·
One of my doctors has a Gateway Notebook that the video stopped working on. He took it to Bestbuy where he purchased it and they sent it out, they said they were unable to fix it. They did not tell me what the specific issue was.

When he put the Notebook back into his docking station the video worked perfectly. Although the system is still acting up (highly technical term used my the doctor)

Any ideas where to start??


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Flakey Mother Boards

by BFilmFan In reply to Laptop Mainboard Issues

If it is under warranty, I would return it to BestBuy and speak with the store manager noting that they were unable to repair an in-warranty unit and you are more than willing to accept a replacement.

When they refuse, call Gateway on the spot, relate the issue to their client service center manager and then hand the phone to the BestBuy manager so he can explain why he cannot perform warranty service.

I've found this tactic QUICKLY gets attention and resolution to the issue.

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by Chilli_Willie In reply to Flakey Mother Boards

and if it is not under warranty?? I still plan to contact Gateway one way or the other.

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and if it is not uner warrenty?

by jdmercha In reply to

How old is it?
Does the docking station provide its own video card?
Have you updated all the drivers?
Have you tried a reformat and reload?

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yes..yes..and yes

by Chilli_Willie In reply to and if it is not uner war ...

the docking station provides its own video and then it works fine. It has also been working off and on lately. But I still know there is a problem.

I have updated drivers, as well as formatted and reinstalled XP PRO

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Learning a lesson

by Oz_Media In reply to Laptop Mainboard Issues

First of all, buying retail is cheap but also a pain in the a** for business use.

My laptop system board has been replaced three times in three years. Twice I don't think there was anything wrong with it but IBM INSISTED on replacing it.

WIth a professional notebook, you get in house service. An extended warranty (IBM direct)cost me $250 and I've even had them replace my LCD! They turn up in 48 hours with the part and smile as they leave, actually the local tech and I usually go for a few beers too. It expires in May, so I may extend it for that LAST available fourth year, only $150.00 for the year and I can DEFINITELY get that in parts out of them.

So while I'll be a pr**k and offer no useful advice, other than you should try posting in the Technical Q&A forum instead of discussion(you'll get more concise answers)I will suggest that his BIOS is probably hooped and needs a reset. Depending on the manufacturer of course.

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I disagree

by mrafrohead In reply to Learning a lesson

Video Card man.

Of the laptops that I have worked on, most of them have a non integrated video card connected. If you are getting video in the dock, but not on the laptop itself, I'd be inclined to think that the video card in the laptop is crapping out...

Docks that I have worked on, contain their own vid cards within them...

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by Oz_Media In reply to I disagree

I read right past the docking comment.

Friggin' Gateways!

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I have to agree as well

by Chilli_Willie In reply to Right

That is what I was thinkning was wrong, but I didnt' understand why they wouldn't fix it when they had it. I will contact Gateway for the part. Is it a difficult swap? I hate working on Laptops!!!!

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Never worked on a gateway.

by mrafrohead In reply to I have to agree as well

I dont' know if it's a tough one or not.

Shouldn't be, you're just unscrewing screws and screwing them back in...

Just pay attentino to what you are doing, and you should be fine.

Remember though, PAY ATTENTION... ;p

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My understanding

by jdclyde In reply to Laptop Mainboard Issues

it the video breaks off into the external port and to the monitor. If one or the other goes, the on-board video is shot and the whole board has to be replaces or carry a monitor around with you. If not under warranty, then better off to get a new one and just leave that plugged in like a desktop.

Only other option would be to look for a used board. Maybe someone out there had one that the hard drive died on so they are parting it out?

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