Laptop Monitor Dead

By shantie ·
Packard Bell Easy Note MS280dw
Laptop still boots up as you can faintly see monitor working. First up I connected an ordinary monitor, booted to the XP boot up window and then nothing.
I then started it in safe mode and came up okay on CRT Monitor. I did a system restore and it then booted up no problems.
Unattached the CRT and tried just the laptop but no good.
Since then I have not been able to get it to boot to the CRT unless I use Safe Mode.
Okay, the laptop monitor has had it, but is there a way for me to use the ordinary Monitor without safemode??
It was suggested I try settings for Dual Monitors but there is nothing in the Bios if you can call it a Bios as very little settings.
And no monitor settings available in safe mode.
Also is there anyway to get the data off the hard drive, I have no troubles doing that with a PC but how can I do it, if at all, with a laptop in safe mode???
I was thinking of trying the system restore disc using the CRT monitor and see if it will then default to that monitor, so that I do not have to use safe mode. Would that work??
But have to get data off first.
What happened to the old Tech Republic with all the point system??
Thank you appreciate your help.

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You can...

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Laptop Monitor Dead

use remote desktop or VNC / Dameware (if networked) to get the data safe.

No used a laptop in the way you suggest unless it was wth a docking station. Could you not get a cheap docking station combo?

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What is

by shantie In reply to You can...

thanks for reply
What is A VNC
What is A Docking Station
Thank you

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As far as the data goes...

by DMambo In reply to Laptop Monitor Dead

Boot to safe mode with networking and drop the data to a network share or standard safe mode and put it onto a USB flash drive or hard drive.

The only experience I have with laptop screens is with Dell machines, but they have a download for the service manuals which provide very good intructions for swapping monitors, KB's, etc. Search Packard Bell's web site for something similar.

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external monitor

by Sue T In reply to As far as the data goes.. ...

there should be a function key that you need to press to toggle between laptop screen, external monitor or both. On my laptops it has usually been F5 but the key usually has a little diagram that is supposed to look like a monitor. Dual monitor setup is done with Windows. Open Help and Support on your computer and enter dual monitor as the search words. Good Luck.

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by shantie In reply to As far as the data goes.. ...

Boot to networking, Yes I saw that but never done it, I thought that the computers might have to have been networked Prior to any crash.
I thought about the flash drive but did not think your USB port worked under safe Mode.
I will try both later and let your know.

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by geraldkiii In reply to Laptop Monitor Dead

Usually on laptops there is a FN (Function) key you press along with another button to swap from laptop monitor to external monitor.

I would suggest taking the hard drive out of your laptop and taking it to a local computer shop for them to slave out your hard drive and copy the data to a DVD or CD. This usually costs $45 or so. Depends on where you live and how much data usually.

It sounds as if your LCD might of went out and you have the wrong drivers for the monitor or graphics card loaded.

Once you get the data off of your hard drive I would suggest a low level format or just format and then install windows back and see what happens.

Hope this helps you a bit.

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Computer Shop

by shantie In reply to usually

I am a computer shop, but way out in the middle of no where and there is nobody else unless we send it away.
I normally work on PC systems and can retrieve the data no problems
I have a IDE to USB adaptor but do not know if that will work with a laptop hard drive.
I will have a look at that later

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No it will not work

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Computer Shop

You need a 2.5 inch USB Caddy to accept 2.5 inch NB Drives or at a pinch you can use a 2.5 to 3.5 adapter and then fit it to a Standard 3.5 inch USB Caddy. I've never done this but in Theory it should work.

I always keep both a spare 2.5 & 3.5 USB Caddy available to recover data off drives in machines that don't want to play nice.

As far as the monitor goes if the correct drivers are loaded the most likely option is that the Back Light had died and is no longer lighting up the screen so you can see the LCD images that are being produced. From your description this sounds like the problem you see some very faint images initially and then when the more complex images are to be displayed the screen fails totally as it can not reproduce the images with any luminance. If there is the ability to replace the Back Light that may be a cheap alternative but most LCD Screens no longer have this option now as it makes them more expensive to produce and what is even better makes far more money in Spare Parts for the Maker.

As far s support goes you can visit this site and enter in the Serial Number to get specific data about the product PB has never been great at supplying help and their Support side isn't that great but it might be of some help.

You could also pull the cover off and check the monitor connections in the NB it's just possible that one has pulled out or maybe even had a wire broken from the constant opening & closing of the unit. Generally with most makes that use an LCD Screen they have two connections one being a ribbon cable to produce the actual images and the other a 2 wire lead for the back-light. If you can get inside I would be looking at that 2 wire connection and check for breaks in the wire.


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Problem is Fixed Thanks to all Those Answers

by shantie In reply to No it will not work

There is a Key with two monitors on the keyboard This enabled the CRT monitor and able to boot without safe mode.
I then disabled the Laptop monitor and boots straight to the ordinary monitor now, no problems.
The Safe mode, boot with networking also worked, I was able to download all the data to my computer and then burn to CD.
It seems ridiculous in todays technology that they do not have some CHEAP way of swapping laptop monitors.
Laptop works fine, but is a throw away job unless using an ordinary monitor
Thanks again

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