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    Laptop monitor flickers n hang


    by k861974 ·

    am having toshiba atellite M200 and using windows 7. oflate my monitor upon waking from sleep mode or start starts flickering and the system hangs. checked display driver and found to be upto date. i regret buying toshiba…too many downsides to it. heavy, system gets heated up fast, cannot really call it laptop because it can never be held on laptop. now monitor also giving trouble. after 2 or 3 restarts the monitor is ok…but if i leave the system idle for 10 minutes it starts flickering just like the scan in old tv sets and the sytem hangs. any suggestions on how can i get it alright?

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      by k861974 ·

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      Some questions…

      by mdfreeman ·

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      Does this only happen within Windows or does it do it outside of a Windows environment?

      Does the laptop display the same symptoms when an external monitor is used?

      It sounds like a hardware problem to me, specifically memory, but that’s just off of the top of my head.

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        by k861974 ·

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        I tried ubuntu 10.04 clean install. but the same problem persist. i havent tried with external monitor as i dnt have one. i checked memory by running win 7 mmory diagnostics…no issues reported. ran system temp check everything is well within range. also checked driver status…all upto date…

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          External monitor…

          by mdfreeman ·

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          I would try to get my hands on an external monitor. The fact that it does the same thing in a Linux environment indicates a hardware issue. You should try to hook up an external monitor, my bet is that it will do the same this on the external; if this is the case, it indicates a problem with the embedded graphics card.

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      Also what are the display resolutions

      by oh smeg ·

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      Not to mention the Refresh Rate set to?

      If these are too high for the monitor this will happen.

      You could also use a Cool Pad like the one here to help keep this system cool as NB’s can get very hot and because most suck air in from the bottom they can have their Air Passages blocked by Table Cloths, Pieces of Paper and so on.

      Heat is the biggest thing that damages Note Books and you have to do everything possible to prevent heat build up in any NB. To that end I refuse to sell a NB without a cool pad and as yet I have yet to have a serious problem with a hardware failure in any NB that I have sold. The only hardware failure I have seen was a Sony DVD Burner that had the Ribbon Cable come unglued and get broken which wasn’t a issue as it was bad Quality Control not a heat related issue which caused IC’s to die.


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      Re Laptop monitor flickers n hang

      by prrethish ·

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      connect ur laptop to an CRT MONITOR/lcd moitor
      & redirect ur disply
      chek whether u r having same problem

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