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    Laptop Monitor Gets Dark


    by boodito ·

    Every thing was working fine with my sony vaio GRT915M until I found its monitor OFF, then using a flashlight, I could see that It wasn’t off but (very) dark so that some graphical details can’t be seen. is there any answer what it could be?

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      by boodito ·

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      Not good

      by michael jay ·

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      It is the cool cathode lamp, a kind of florescent lamp that provides the backlight so that you can see the display. Turning off the pc and then turning it back on may restore the lamp for a time but it is dead. You will need to replace the monitor on the laptop. If it is under warranty this will be free, if not, well it is not a cheap repair.

      Best of luck

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        The urge to take a sledge hammer to my vaio…

        by wondergirl3891 ·

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        …overwhelms me! I am dealing with the same monitor issue and this is just the most recent “issue” I’ve had with this lappy (vaio VGN-A250 series). So far–since getting it for xmas 2 years ago–I have had to replace the HD twice, the first one crapped out on me only 6 months after getting it!! Then I’d say the next came last year. So, if indeed this is the cathode lamp, deciding to repair it would mean I’ve officially purchased a full computer and a 1/2 (on top of the first) LOL!!! Not to mention that dealing with Sony is frustrating–they actually expected me to pay $700 bucks for that very first repair within 6 mo. … idiots and jerks. And I don’t think I’ll every buy sony products again, if I can help it.

        Anyway, lately it’s been quite finicky…the last couple months it had been going dead in the midst of using it and then not turning on for days or weeks at a time. Then the day I finally decided to take it in for diagnostics, deciding to give it one last try before walking out the door, it booted right up! It was like a cat that knew it was going to the vet or something!

        Anyway, I didn’t turn it off (or move it) forever after that, searched around the web and came upon something called “Registry Smart.. or something” and for about $30 bones it guarenteed success or full refund. After using it has been turning on every time, and I can take it in my book bag, etc….But I think it was just by coincidence it started working – who knows?

        So now this monitor issue… I’m not spending another dime on repairs–it is getting a little old I guess. What is the life expectancy of a laptop computer anyway?

        Either way, Steve Jobs is getting a bunch of my moola–even if it’s like a dime to him lol… I love apple. I don’t even care if I have minor issues with a new mac, I’ll still love him for inventing the ipod! 😛

        Good Luck with your monitor…but I guess I still do have a looming issue with mine being dead, how do I get all my files and stuff off the HD (which seems to be working fine)?

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          screen dark

          by rey ·

          In reply to The urge to take a sledge hammer to my vaio…


          IMPORTANT NOTE: A dim or dark screen does not necessarily mean a bad inverter! It could be a faulty lcd backlight bulb, inverter cable, inverter, or in some cases a motherboard failure.

          just change your monitor

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      Laptop Monitor gets dark too!

      by tfox ·

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      i am having the same problem on an older laptop. have you received any advise on this yet?

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      Check your PC Setup

      by michael_raley ·

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      Have you checked your pc setup? next time you reboot hit “F1” to get to setup and check your monitor output also check your graphics card—if you have a PCI card then make sure it is the one you use–if you have onboard graphics check that one too! If you add a PCI card for better graphics make sure that you remove any other graphics onboard–I learned this one the hard way so I am just passing this along of course this might not even pertain to you but it may be worth a try–it will not hurt to check it out.

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