Laptop/ monitor hangs

By K861974 ·
Am using Toshiba satellite M200 with Windows 7 Ultimate. Oflate I have been having a strange problem. Whenever I log in to windows within minutes the monitor display goes off and in place some vertical n horizontal lines as in pixelation appears, the hard disk indicator remains on indicating the hard disk hangs, cursor could not be moved. Only way out of it is force shut down. But again the problem starts. Then the system was dismantled totally (ofcourse by an expert) and cleaned the fan, applied fresh layer of thermal grease, checked for memory problem, etc. But no use, the problem remained as before. Then accidentally I found that it hangs with power cord plugged in. If i use the system with just battery power things are fine. The moment power cord is plugged in sys hangs. Changed the power cord, checked for the output voltage n everything seems to be in order. Now every time i shut down or hibernate the sys, plug the power cord to recharge, after one hour remove it n use they sys with battery power. Other sys diagnostics showed no error like memory, display/graphics, hard disk etc....
Could anyone decipher what could be the problem that causes the monitor/sys hang when the power cord is plugged in?
The authorised service people extort money...at the drop of hat they ask me to replace any component which would take half of my monthly salary, ofcourse excluding the motherboard...LOL.
Any help is greatly appreciated since once it is repaired I can dispose my laptop and can go for a desktop with Ubuntu. Thanks in advance for all those who come up with suggestions and help.

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PCB methinks!

by Ian Boothby In reply to Laptop/ monitor hangs

I'd bet it was the PCB (power control board).

Your monitor is not actually faulting, it's just the wrong voltage is being fed to components.

You'll have to find out if the PCB on your model is a separate module, or whether it is soldered to the motherboard in order to solve the problem.

Good Luck!

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Thanks dude...

by K861974 In reply to PCB methinks!

Thanks, will do it as suggested. Also I want to add some more information. I tried running the sys in safe mode n alas everything was fine...no hanging at all. also at DOS level if i plug in or in safe mode no issues........surprising....

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Well I suppose you could try reloading the system

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks dude...

It could be a Software issue with the OS in use. It does however sound like a Hardware issue.

Toshiba however do not want to help their End Users and do not supply Service Manuals or other Technical Help for their products so things get more than a bit difficult when things go wrong.

You can try a Boot Disc like the Ultimate Boot CD which is free from here


This has a full suite of Diagnostic Tools which may prove useful.


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