Laptop Monitor Not Enabled?!

By georgiatassos ·
I was using a second monitor for my laptop, with the actual laptop monitor disabled. I thought I re-enabled the laptop monitor and disabled the second monitor before I unplugged the laptop to take with me to class. It turns out, I didn't!

Both monitors are disabled, I'm using an old PC right now to do this. Even when I plug the second monitor into the laptop, there is no signal, it does not work. The laptop monitor does not work. It is a blank screen.

How can I re-enable either of the monitors?

I'm using a Sony Vaio PCG-K23 running on Windows XP.

Please help!

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Did you disable it in BIOS or device manager?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Laptop Monitor Not Enable ...

Did you disable the laptop monitor in Windows device manager, or did you disable it in the BIOS?

If you can see anything at all on the laptop screen when you press the power on button (manufacturer logo, anything), start pressing the DEL/F2/F10/F11/F12 keys repeatedly (not sure which one works on your laptop to get into BIOS) or even the F8 key and see if you can either get into BIOS to re-enable it or maybe get booted up in safe mode to re-enable it.

Another thing to look at is that on some laptops, there is a specific key with two "monitors" on it, one is dark, the other is light, with a slash between them. If you turn on the laptop and press and hold the function key, then press that "monitor" key and release both, it should switch between the laptop lcd and an external monitor. Try doing this with the monitor plugged in and see if you can get one or the other to activate.

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.....and beside the monitor switch, there is another key

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Did you disable it in BIO ...

That 'kills' the laptop monitor.

On my laptop it is Fn+F6, when those keys are pressed the laptop monitor shuts off.

Pressing Fn+F6 to switch it on again DOES NOT WORK. You have to press F6 on its own.

Users frequently make the mistake of pressing the wrong function button - why laptop manufacturers insist on putting them side-by-side I just don't know. Opposite ends of the Function key row would have been wiser.

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