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Laptop network connection goes dead after an hour

By bmitro ·
Hey guys, Ive got an Acer Travelmate 2300 that has been working great until recently. For some reason, the network connection just goes dead after about an hour from start up, sometimes even while im using it. I was on my dads wifi network when this started happening, so i just assumed it was the router. To get the connection active again id have to reboot everytime. I started using my nic again via dsl figuring it was a router problem, but its still doing it! When it goes dead on wireless or dsl it still sees the network and i can still connect to my server, but thats were the good times end. I have to restart to get it live again (grrrrr). Anyone had or know whats goin on here??? Thanks.

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by robo_dev In reply to Laptop network connection ...

Are you using a WIFI 802.1X client software like Funk Odyssey? it may be configured incorrectly.

Did you say it fails for both WLAN and Wired Ethernet?

With the wired ethernet, does the link light go out? Does the device still show up in windows control panel >device manager? Are you running on battery or AC power?

Are you using a static or DHCP IP address??

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by zlitocook In reply to Laptop network connection ...

Start with the simple stuff; is your wireless connection on board or through a wireless card? If it is on board there should be software to check your connection and speed. If it is with a card, one that you put in the side of your laptop it could be that it works itself loose.
Check the event viewer to see if it gives you any ideas. Remove and reinstall the wireless software, there is freeware out there that checks your connection and tells you the problems that you have.
Another problem that will effect wireless is how far away you are, if you are at a distance that when you computer checks for connection it will not find it. By that I mean you could be using you laptop and sit down in the family room which may just be in range but just and when the network services checks the connection it will be out of range and drop the connection.
Try removing and reinstalling, check for newer drivers and see if the provider has had any problems or changed the way they provide their service.

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by bmitro In reply to Laptop network connection ...

There is no problem with the actual devices, the wireless is on board and sees the network fine with good signal strength and the nic is working properly, no problems with the modem, it connects to the server with no problem, the ip is server assigned. It still says everything is working fine when its not, a virus maybe?? Im using bitdefender as windows anti virus program. I always run on AC.

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by bmitro In reply to Laptop network connection ...

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