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    laptop noise in toshiba


    by kasi.radhika ·

    I have a new toshiba laptop satellite m305-s4819, of the late its making buzzing noise and its very irritating when working on it. i dont know the reason for this. can anyone help me to minimize this noise.

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      by kasi.radhika ·

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      It is still under warranty, so send it back..

      by Anonymous ·

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      If it is anything out of the ordinary, I:E. not related to the fans spinning, then send the laptop back. Anything you do to try and rectify it yourself will make your warranty void.

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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      Well for starters knowing where the noise is coming from

      by oh smeg ·

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      Would be of some help. But if it’s the speakers what have you installed onto this computer?

      What you really need to do here is contact the maker for a solution to a possible design problem. However before doing this it may be a good idea to backup all your Data & Settings and then using the recovery disc return the NB to the Factory Install position and see if the problem persists. After all this is exactly what will happen if you return it to Toshiba.

      If the problem doesn’t persist you need to look at software that has been added to the system being a problem. The most obvious are third party applications that make use of sound so look at things like Games, Media Players and Burning Software.

      However it could be something as simple as the Mic Volume up too high and the Mic is picking up some minor low frequency hum that is being amplified and spat back at you. I’ve seen this a lot with Headsets plugged into NB’s where they get placed where it’s convenient and then pickup noise from things like External Drives or Fans.


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