Laptop OCCASIONALLY can't print without restart

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I set up three different businesses with identical DSL modem/routers, with 2-3 PCS on each network. All the networks have the same domain names, with different server names. There is one laptop (my bosses, running win XP pro SP2) that bounces around on a daily basis between the three different networks. As far as I can tell, when he goes to print (all the printers at all three locations are installed on his computer - network printers) on any of the printers, he gets an error. The only fix I have found so far is for him to restart his PC, which ALWAYS fixes the problem.

I have however tried to stop/start the printer spooler, and that did not seem to matter. It would appear that the network settings his laptop associated with at the other network saved itself somehow, and is not allowing the new computer names / printers to properly propagate into the laptop.

If I delete the printer and go to add the printer (before restarting), it does not show up in the list of networked printers. After the laptop is restarted, it will show up and I can add it again.

It seems like I need to stop and start services perhaps to "reboot" the network memory of which location is it currently at. This could possibly done with a script? I am just spit balling here, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. All three of the networks have different wireless router names, and the laptop always connects wirelessly. Me telling him to reboot his laptop every time he wants to print does not make him very happy with his IT guy =\. Any suggestions?

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