Laptop on domain only connects with a static ip address

By VRohwer ·
I work for a school system. I have a teacher laptop (Dell Latitude D830 running XP sp3) that, when in it's building, will only connect to our wireless network when it has a static ip address.(Hardwired it connects fine) When I bring it back to our shop it IMMEDIATELY connects wirelessly to the network (domain) with no problem. I have reconfigured the wireless card (Intel), flushed dns, released and renewed the ip address, changed to a different area of the building (ie different access point), all with no luck. Other identical laptops around her connect fine. We updated the firmware on the wireless router, and know it isn't a dhcp problem as she is the only one in the building (130 laptops)having issues and we have about 100 ip addresses unassigned.
Any suggestions on what to try next would be appreciated! I hate to reimage the system if I don't have to....

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by jimmy-jam In reply to Laptop on domain only con ...

You say it connects immediately when you bring it back to the shop. Is the shop SSID and the one in the building you are trying to connect in the same? Second question, is it possible you have a wireless profile built for the laptop for the network it does not work on and something is wrong with that profile? Can you delete and recreate it?

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A couple thoughts....

by ---TK--- In reply to Laptop on domain only con ...

I would reimage it.... b/c its the only one having problems, you have already troubleshooted the **** out of it, also with the reimage if the wireless works then it was software related, and if the problem exists still then its a hardware issue... Or you could swap out the drives with another PC of the same exact make and model and see what happens...

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