Laptop only working on ac power but battery is good.

By checkfor ·
I have an HP DV8320us and recently it stopped working on battery power.

Before the problem occurred I could get almost 2 hrs of battery life before it ran out. All of the sudden it wouldnt work unless it was plugged in. I know the battery is good because I can put it in a friends laptop and it will power the laptop just find.

When I have it in my laptop with the AC adaptor plugged in the power light blinks on and off on the front of the computer. I am using a 65W adaptor when the laptop actual;ly comes with a 90W. This has worked for many months so I dont think it is the problem. The adaptor also works on other computers.

In xp pro (sp3) it no longer shows the battery status on the bottom. It only says it is plugged in. If I have the laptop not plugged in and press the power buttom absolutly nothing happens. If I have the laptop plugged in and running and pull the cord out the laptop instantly shuts off. It doesnt shut down but just immedaitely powers off.

Any ideas on how to fix it are apperciated. Thanks

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by NexS In reply to Laptop only working on ac ...

First of all, why would you use the incorrect power adapter? If it comes with an adapter, you use it.

Secondly, did anything happen before it started playing up? ie: you take the battery out one day and when you put it back in it didn't work. perhaps the connectors aren't touching properly. If the battery works in another computer, then it HAS to be something wrong with your laptop, so if nothing fixes it, take it to your supplier for a repair.

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RE: dont think it is the problem

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Laptop only working on ac ...

So do you think that you are saving money by using a underpowered Mains Adapter? They will produce the right Voltage but not the correct Current/Wattage and do not supply enough power.

These things produce a certain amount of power and if they are underpowered something has to give up and here it's the Battery not working.

So is it charging or is it just sitting there without enough current to charge it?

Is the battery actually charged or does it need to be placed in your friends computer for a while to charge before it will run the NB?

As said above what happened just prior to the unit stop working?

Assuming that the battery is fully charged or even partially charged and it works in a different computer then your only option are the connections between the M'Board and the Battery or a Failed Circuit on the M'Board.

Either way it's the M'Board being faulty and needs replacing. This is a fairly common occurrence when it is underpowered for long periods of time without sufficient current or capacitance, spikes on the Mains come through and damage the NB itself.


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here is the possible solution

by ismail.magued In reply to Laptop only working on ac ...

First of all it seems that your adapter does not match the recommended power rating for your pc.
You should check with the dealer and ask them about the power requirements for your notebook. Each notebook has its own power requirements depending on the hard disk, CPU rating, size of the display etc.

It could very well be your adapter is under powered for your notebook.

try to insert and eject your battery many times over a period of mayb 5 minutes or so.
after that try to plug it in again.

contact me again after you have done all of the above

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It's not like changing a lightbulb ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Laptop only working on ac ...

To a lower wattage.

With a lightbulb - OK, you save money and can still see in the lowered luminance - but can you still SEE as well as you could with the higher wattage ??

Answer - NO.

Try lowering the amount of air that you can suck into your lungs - that's what lowering the wattage of the AC adapter is doing to your laptop. It's started wheezing just the same as you eventually would.

Question: - Why did you lower the wattage of the adapter?

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Broken DC jack inside the computer.

by 1bn0 In reply to Laptop only working on ac ...

I have dealt with this before on HP machines.

The HP ac adapters often com with a 90? plug on the end. This puts a sidways strain o the conector. Some connectors have a contact inside that switch switch the charge circuit into place when using a.c. and out when just running on the battery.

The jack can become damaged due to the sideways strain.

I have also seen them where the solder joints on the motherboard dis-connect.

The lower current supply shouldn't be an issue for normal use. If you start playing movies while burning a disk and indexing the hard drive at the same time then the adpater is likely to get hot. Correct voltage however, is essential.

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Probably have to take it in

by checkfor In reply to Broken DC jack inside the ...

I used the Lower wattage adaptor because it was the one I was given with the laptop and had been used with the laptop the whole time. The laptop was working perfectly right before this started happening.

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