Laptop Operating System problems.

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Alright, so I have this Macbook. It came with Tiger, I later installed Ubuntu. Then when Leopard came out I installed it. In a massive Boot Camp mistake, I installed a cracked version of Windows XP, reformatting my drive and losing all sign of Leopard. All attempts to boot Leopard and such were massive failures. Then, my brother tried wiping my disk to see if there was some possible way in **** to install Leopard after that.

Anyway, the wipe stopped halfway and now I can't run WinXP or boot the Leopard disc (unless there are some keys to push to load it up).

Does anyone know what I should do with my laptop? Do I need to take it to a specialist to reformat it? Or is there some way to run Leopard and reformat my disk?

In urgent need of help.

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I can tell you what you did wrong but I have no idea on how to proceed from

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Laptop Operating System p ...

Unless you Wipe the HDD completely and start from scratch.

What you did wrong was to install a Pirate Copy of Windows as this when you allow the Format to Occur rewrites all the HDD information and deletes the existing OS/s that you had installed. You need to Install any OS to a Empty Partition on the HDD not just to the Drive.

Now as a possible solution I would suggest using a wiping utility like Boot & Nuke available for free from here


You will need to alter the Boot Order so you need to enter BIOS which will be in your Owners Manual telling you how to do this. It may also help to edit your original post to Mac NB OS so that the Mac Brigade here can give you the correct information.


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by jswentworth In reply to Laptop Operating System p ...

Put your Leopard CD in the CD drive, boot up the macbook and tap the C key until the system boots from the CD. Install Leopard and choose to format the hard drive when the option comes up. There is a guide to installing Leopard here
if you need help.

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