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I'm shopping for a laptop & all these numbers are confusing the heck out of me. What is the difference between 256GB SSD storage & 8GB 1866MHz LPDDR3 memory. What even is 8GB 1866MHz LPDDR3 memory? Would I want to go for the 16GB? I would mainly use if for everyday internet browsing, streaming & maybe photo editing. I have quite a bit of songs, movies, videos & photos. I would want it to run smoothly & have enough memory to last me a few years.

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by Galacticus Prime In reply to Laptop operating systems/ ...

The 256GB SSD is a hard drive for storing files.

The 8GB 1866HZ LPDDR3 memory is your RAM.

They are two different components - 8 GB of RAM should be fine for basic use and 256GB of storage will work fine if you aren't storing games or too many movies.

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OK put simply 256GB SSD is a Solid State Hard Drive

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Laptop operating systems/ ...

That is a very fast storage item that can be used for holding the OS and other things. But as it is only 256 GB it is small compare to the mechanical Hard Drives used which can be measured in Terrabyte sizes so they are basicially 4 times the size or bigger.

8GB 1866MHz LPDDR3 memory is actual Memory used to temporaly store things that is feed to or comes from the CPU to do things. This is DDR3 RAM of 1866 Meegahertz so it's reasonably fast but as stated it is only 8 Gigabytes and depending on the OS by today's standards is small provided you are looking at a 64 Bit Operating System. If the unit has a 32 Bit Operating System it can only reconize and use somewhere around 4 Gig of RAM as this is the limiting factor of all 32 Bit Operating Systems.

Generally speaking with 64 Bit Operating Systems 8 Gig is the mininum so the bigger the better but depending on the comfigeration it can be expensive. Obviously 1 16 GIG RAM Module is much more expensive than 2 8 Gig Modules but here it depends on what the unit can actually carry. Look at the largest amount that the system can carry as a basic point here not what is fitted.

Depending on what you are using for Photo Editing this can be reasonably light useage or extremly heavy usage the rest you mention isn't heavy usage just general purpose use so 8 Gig of RAM would be enough but a 256 Gig Solid State Drive will be way too small if it has a mechanical Hard Drive as well then that's fine but because you have 2 Drives it's going to chew through the battery faster as I'm assuming here by the listed RAM that this is a Notebook so you'll have to be teathered to a power point constantly.

Hope that is of some use in helping you understand the above.

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