Laptop OS upgraded, now no sound!

By brifd1 ·
I have an older Gateway laptop (7330 GZ) that I upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 (32-bit Home Premium). Ever since, I have no sound in the laptop, even if I plug in headphones. I tried the Control Panel, updating drivers, downloading I think it?s called AC-97 for the sound, but still nothing. Recently, I tried connecting the PC club to a new LCD TV, which for some reason caused the TV to keep turning off without explanation, but when on there was neither picture nor sound despite my pressing the correct function key + number key combination to change to projection. Okay, there?s more than 1 issue here, but the one re: the sound is the one that?s most important for me to find out.

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have you

by Jaqui In reply to Laptop OS upgraded, now n ...

done a complete format of the drive and install of win 7 again?
it could be a conflict from the upgrade.

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That's a pretty good

by Kenone In reply to have you

description of the upgrade path from XP to Win7

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by santeewelding In reply to Laptop OS upgraded, now n ...

Did you run the MS suitability tool to see if this "older Gateway laptop" is up to W7? Maybe it isn't.

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Have you used

by Kenone In reply to Laptop OS upgraded, now n ...

RealTek's driver update utility? It's supposed to be able to id your hardware and supply the latest driver for it. Never used it myself.
Gateway did some strange things with hardware and there may not be a Windows 7 driver for yours.

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