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I want to know if a laptop policy is available that will help us putting something together for our staff using laptops (taking it home, etc). If it gets stolen, etc. what kind of detail could we put together for them to let them know they will be liable for the laptop if no SAP case number is available. Please see if you've got something. Kind regards, Petro.

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Tell 'em you'll fire their @$$!!...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to LAPTOP POLICY

...after you have deducted the full cost of the hardware from their final salary.

That usually does the trick.

Particularly if the warning is attached to a form that they must SIGN before removing the laptop from the business premises.

* You might be surprised how many employees opt NOT to take a laptop home, realising it's not necessary after all!


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Laptop policy

by Menace65 In reply to LAPTOP POLICY

It's too bad we didn't have one of these before a recent laptop theft. The employee who used this laptop had his entire LIFE saved on the local drive (we're talking not just company data, but personal data as well). What this prompted IT management to do was to go full speed ahead with installing encryption software on all laptops (which will take a while to accomplish), and to tell users NOT to save anything to their local hard drives. Of course if we had policies to begin with regarding laptops, this never would have happened. Proactive is not in our vocabulary.

Basically, users should be completely PREVENTED from saving anything locally, or they should only be able to save items to a small share (in the case of emergencies). Of course the share should also be encrypted. Unfortunately, what happens with policies is they go right out the window when a user feels they are being "inconvenienced".

I agree with previous poster who said that there should be consequences to those who don't take care of their laptops, secure them physically, not leave them in plain sight in their cars, etc..

IT should also ensure they have a good asset database, and keep it updated when the user receives a new laptop (and ensure the old laptop comes back to IT and is wiped clean before recycling it).

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