Laptop powers off when power cord plugged in.

By mwhite6 ·
I have a HP zv6000 with a problem that is driving me crazy.

It runs fine on the battery but as soon as power cord is plugged in - (within seconds) the whole unit powers off. It has done this 3x in a row.

Earlier today, you could plug the power cord in and within minutes the fans would **** very LOUD for a minute - then power off.

We have replaced the power cord once already - does it on the new one also.

I have also removed the battery and powered it on ... It comes almost all the way up before it powers off again.

The only way I can charge the battery (and hence use the laptop) is when it is powered off and plugged in. It does charge the battery back to 99%.

Any ideas? Thanks so much.

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Have you checked your power settings?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Laptop powers off when po ...

It could be set to turn off when power cord plugged in.

Right click the desktop anywhere that it's blank and choose properties from the menu that comes up. In the window, click the Screen Saver tab. Near the bottom, click the Power button. Look to see what it is set to do when plugged into AC power.

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It is set to do nothing

by mwhite6 In reply to Have you checked your pow ...

On all three settings. (monitor, hard disk and standby)

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by wesley.chin In reply to It is set to do nothing

While you are there, check for hibernation.

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by Mayhem1969 In reply to Laptop powers off when po ...

Most mobile laptop CPUs have technology that limits their speed when not plugged into a power source. This reduces heat and use and prolongs battery life. I think AMD uses the same, which I understand is the processor in your notebook. When the power is plugged in the CPU will operate at full speed. A shutdown is usually the result of either heat or power, usually not enough. The fact that the fan kicks on AND the fact that it shuts down even with the battery in, makes me think it is a heat issue, perhaps related to the CPU.

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by Mayhem1969 In reply to CPU

I am assuming the notebook worked fine and this is a "new" problem.

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by mwhite6 In reply to BTW

It's a god awful long story but it has had this power issue (has not been consistent enough though) for the last 12 months until yesterday. Seems to finally be getting worse -- enough so it can be pin-pointed anyway. Took it to be serviced when it first started it and they said it was overheating. They cleaned it out. Charged us 200.00 but it never really fixed it. Have taken it back to them 3x - it wouldn't do it for them.

I have searched all over and have found some threads that say this model has this problem but the threads were either orphaned or they was no response to what the permanent fix was. If there is a permanent fix that is.

I did see reference to updating the BIOS but when i looked at the issue the update was resolving it did not quite fit this situation and i was scared to death to flash it anyway... :-) - been there, done that.

I'm using the laptop now to respond while I have battery power. So frustrating. Thanks very much for any help you can provide. I hate these kinds of issues.

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Two things come to mind...

by Mayhem1969 In reply to Well.....

First, you mention the fans come on for a minute and then shut off. If your computer shuts down shortly after this, then this shutdown may be a sign of a defective fan and the cause of the overheating.

Second, if its not a bad fan, it might be a short in the motherboard that's either interfering with the function of the fan or is interfering with the transfer of power from the adapter to the laptop.

It looks like the ac adapter in port is right behind an exhaust port, I am assuming is used for the fan. You could have a short in that area.

You mention it powers the battery and that the notebook works fine with the battery. That to me rules out an adapter problem or a power problem, especially since you already exchanged it for a new one.

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That's exactly what I was afraid of

by mwhite6 In reply to Two things come to mind.. ...

A short somewhere. No wonder I'm chasing my tail with it. Now yesterday after 4x in a row - it powering off within about 15 seconds - I tried it again and this time it took about 6 minutes to power off after the cord was plugged in.

I hope this is not a dumb question but my experience is not in hardware or electrical but is there something they can place on it (like a tool - volt meter whatever) to determine there is indeed a short somewhere?

I can't thank you enough for your input.

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by Mayhem1969 In reply to That's exactly what I was ...

That is a little out of my experience. If the fan continues to run when the computer shuts down, then a short is a logical conclusion. I am sure that a volt meter could tell how much power the laptop is taking in, but I wouldn't know where to begin. You would definitely have to open the laptop and check it while it's plugged in and that sounds like a job for a professional.

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They can test...

by gadgetgirl In reply to That's exactly what I was ...

first they should be testing the socket itself (not just for connection, but stability too)

If the problem isn't there, then I'm afraid it's a "take it apart" job. They'll need to check internal connections, and also if anything on that particular part of the motherboard (or circuit board atop) is shorting, or has plain just fizzled out.

Sorry, but if it's internal, there really is no choice but to take it to a professional.

Other thing is - have you tried looking at both the cable and laptop for miniscule obstructions and/or bent pins (I've seen it happen....)

New sockets for laptops aren't expensive (but I'm in the UK!) but the labour can be restrictive. If you have to get anything AT ALL done to fix this problem, get a firm quote first.

(Other half does this for a living, btw, that's how I know about laptop power sockets; he currently replaces around four a week........ )

Best of Luck


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