Laptop Present Password Nightmare!

By nemde ·
I see many previous issues on here simlar to this. I was given an old DELL laptop at my last place of employment as they were issuing brand new ones. My neighbor borrowed it and threw away my user name/password cheat sheet and I absolutely cannot remember them as I had to change them so often. Can anyone offer some advice on how to remedy this situation? And the wonderful MIS person that used to help me with this no longer works where I did, so he's out! Thank you in advance to anyone!

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These password problems again...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Laptop Present Password N ...

If you have seen "many previous issues on here similar to this" you will have, or at least should have, also seen that the community on TR are averse to supplying details in this particular matter.

This is due to the fact that laptop password problems usually occur immediately after the theft of said laptop, when the thief realises that the swag-bag is full of useless junk.

To this end you will most likely find vague, generalistic answers come your way, or no answers at all.

Your particular story has heart-tugging qualities but nevertheless, has some inconsistencies.

1. You appear to have been given a laptop by your employer and then had it away on your heels by leaving the company.
2. You had a cheat sheet because you changed your id / password so many times. - Why did you have to, after all your laptop was now sitting at home after you left the company.
3. Your neighbour should be able to tell you the id / password. After all, your neighbour only used it once, so only used one id / password combination.
4. You don't change both id AND password when you change a company laptop - your id is constant for the network.
5. You can tell I have little else to do at my local time of 20.04 hours Saturday, 2nd June, than pick at the discrepancies in your otherwise sad story.

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Password Problems

by nemde In reply to These password problems a ...

Apparently I have ventured on to a very unhelpful and rude website. First of all, this 'story' is 100% accurate. I worked in the social service field and had to resign due to serious health conditions. I am not computer savvy and am trying desperately on my own to try and come up with a solution as due to the fact that I cannot work, I cannot afford to bring the laptop in anywhere. I assure you this machine is not stolen, I have never even stolen a tube of lipstick in my entire life. I was a Foster Care and Adoption Manager for the company and the old MIS boss is gone. His underlings do not know me and therefore I presume, will not help me. I had not used the laptop in months, again due to my health issues and being in the hosptial, when I gave it to my neighbor and could not remember the most recent password I had used. I will attempt to retrieve an answer somewhere else where perhaps people will be a little friendlier and not so ready to jump to conclusions about those seeking help.

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Well you can consider it Rude if you like

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Password Problems

But what you also have to remember is that there are LAWS that apply and anyone that helps someone with a stolen system becomes an Accessory After The Fact.

If you think that we are unhelpful then you'd be right as none of use want to end up in jail for something that was a throw away line on a PUBLIC WEB SITE!

So if you want to bypass the ID & Password you really only have 2 choices go back to the person who you allowed to use the NB and ask them to find that bit of paper or whatever it was or you are going to charge them for the NB's replacement cost or at least the necessary repair.

Or you can take it to a Computer Shop and pay to have it reloaded after you prove that you actually own it to the satisfaction of the staff there.

When you consider that Note Books are the second most stolen items after CD's any sane person should realise that Questions like this asked to professionals start alarm bells ringing immediately. It's you who has to prove your honesty and convince the Professionals here that you really own or have a right to the NB it's not up to us to answer your question without a second thought and then end up in jail for assisting a criminal or at the very least the receiver of stolen property.

If you think that we are unhelpful all I can say is this would you drive a car for someone who you suspected was going to Rob a Bank? Because that is basically what you are asking us to do and I'm betting that you would be unwilling to commit a crime and defiantly would be unwilling to suffer the consequences if caught.

As the above poster said if you have actually taken the time to read any similar questions you'll find that they are not answered and that is to protect us from a criminal conviction. The people who attempt to help others here are volunteers and do not get paid for their answers but for some reason you expect them to risk both Jail Time and a Criminal Record which will prevent us from working in most IT places because you lost a piece of paper that you claim to have had.

Please try elsewhere where there are no professionals who have so much to loose when they assist Criminals! & no I'm not accusing you of being a Criminal but the question that you asked needs to be looked at closely with far more detail provided before anyone here would consider answering it.

But just to keep this in prospective I'll bypass the User ID & Password if you fly a 747B into the White House for me. Sound Fair?


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then why bother

by TERRYG_ In reply to Well you can consider it ...

if this is what you think all the time then why bother helping anyone, with your thinking any question can be construed as to helping in a crime......and by the way unless you are aware that this person is committing a crime you are normally not prosecuted.

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Well personally I'm prepared to help most people

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to then why bother

But that in no way implies that I have a duty to and when you consider that there are so many stolen NB in circulation and that stealing NB's is the Growth Industry in computers what is wrong with explaining why you are unable to answer a question like this?


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