Laptop problem with lag

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I have a problem with the laptop is a little slow Windows and Google Chrome problem , sometimes they open another tab and youtube and youtube music to start work interrupted.
My laptop is ( only 4gb ram I )

I mean the laptop was taken into service for the graphics chip went and said they had another and pc lit but began to pull in strong wind on the cooler and after 10 minutes I left and went back and the people there said they have problems with the heat and I said well (which I do not understand is how after having problems with heat reached them before did not put chip off after 10 minutes) , and after 1 months I went to another service and I said go hard problem as Windows and as others have said I heat problem and they said no so I do not see imbaxit cooler heat problem and put more I'm having 2GB 2GB , then get better windows but still have problems with Windows. I mean I tried to reinstall Windows as I said at the service and to put it on 64bit ( Windows being Windows 7 Ultimate x64) I was thinking either the windows ? to be the wrong one on piratebay ? ( I tried ultimate home premium 32 and 32 and 54 bit and so go) and all that happened about a month before the windows go hard. Any solution ? ( I already gave $ 92 for the chip and $ 30 for 2GB RAM I would not want to take him to the service )

What pc peace you have to play Need for Speed ​​World ?

From what I understand from the System Request have everything I need at the recommended video card is just the minimum.

But I have 4GB ram . Let's say it's on the cooler .

And so my problem is that when you reach a videza 100 KM / h obviously starts to have lag , which means that I go with interruptions of 1-5 seconds . Any solution ?

I mean like in counter strike if you do not put the cooler times begin to be a lag of 200-400 but if you put the cooler in the office ( as I usually hold them on the bed ) I rarely get lag times when and be on the cooler . If it can be a solution for that, I thank you very much.

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