Laptop Problems

By balatv44 ·
I have a laptop whixch is four years old. It is Compaq presario 2100. The battery has gone and I have to replace. When I boot, i am gettinga message stting that SMART failure. Hard disk may die and bak up your data and press F1 to continue. I am willing to change the Hard Disk. The Os windows xp has been preloaded. How can i take copy of the OS to install in the new hard disk. I have the serial number ofr windows XP. At present I am in Memphis Tennesse.I weill be back to India during Nov. Wat would be cost for the battery and for the Hard Disk. Can I get here?
Thanks in advance.

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Don't copy data...

by joshgamble In reply to Laptop Problems

Go here and find your battery for your laptop. There's a bunch of sub-categories that you need to choose from. As far as the Hard Drive, I would suggest saving all of your data from your old hard drive on a disc or backup drive and once you buy the new hard drive, install windows fresh. There's no telling how much data is lost from the bad hard drive and copying over bad data will give you a headache. For a new hard drive, go here and choose any of the hard drives listed. When I looked up your laptop specs, it looked like 60gb is the most that your laptop can take. If you need more assistance, post here.


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Assuming that....

by robo_dev In reply to Don't copy data...

if the only symptom is the SMART failure message, then it would be safe to make an image of the hard drive.

If, on the other hand, the PC won't boot or pops blue-screen-of-death all over the place, then reinstalling Windows from scratch would be the best plan (after backing up the data, obviously).

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Buy new hard drive and USB drive case.

by robo_dev In reply to Laptop Problems

Install the new hard drive in the USB drive case and test it to make sure it works.

Many seagate hard drives come with a CD which contains a package called Acronis True-Image.

With the USB drive attached you will boot the laptop with this CD and perform a duplication (image copy) of your existing hard drive to the new hard drive using the Acronis software.

From there, you then install your new drive.

Alternate software to create an image includes:

- Symantec Ghost
- Image for Windows (cheaper alternative)

My advice would be to purchase two hard drives, and a full retail version of Acronis True-image. Make two duplicates and put one on the shelf for a rainy day. I've seen 60GB laptop drives for under $50, and rebuilding a PC from scratch is gonna cost more than $50 of time and hassle.

BTW, the version of Acronis that comes with the Seagate drive will only work with seagate drives.

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