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    Laptop problems.


    by ms15000 ·

    Sorry to be a pain in the bum. Ive had this issue before and took it to the computer shop in town but unfortunatley they have closed down now and they didnt give me a full run down of the issue and how they fixed it last time.

    Basically my laptop was switched on, the power cable got knocked out by accident and now the windows screen will not go past the loading screen with the moving bar.

    Ive searched online loads but cant find any sollution that seems to work, im not clued up allot about the hardware side of things really so would be grateful for any help.

    When I use the disc recovery it freezes at a certain poin in the loading stages of the disc and when i use a hologrammed xp disc it says there is not hard disk present – however there is.

    I have a new pc but would really like the laptop to be working again, ive tried connecting the hardrive to this computer but i do not have seperate leads and the laptop was xp and this is vista. If i get a seperate lead will it work on this vista computer?

    If anyone has any ideas of how to fix the laptop or get the files at least that would be great.

    Im pretty sure the guy at the computer shop said when the power was cut a file must have been deleted to run xp, but i dont know how to get it back on with both discs not working.

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      by ms15000 ·

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      Is your Battery…

      by dawgit ·

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      Fully charged? It could be that the power-outage killed the charger, which drained the battery. The laptop wil do something like that when it doesn’t have enough power to boot. The only way to find out is to first check the output of the charger, then try your laptop with a fresh battery. -d

      edited to add: How old is the laptop? Battery? And does this pass all the recalls for those that had problems? -d

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