laptop problems

By elliebellyhoubert ·
I have a compaq windows xp laptop that i only got 2 years ago. I was checking my e-mails then the screen went all pixelated for a second then went blank. the laptop seems like its in standby mode because it turns on but you can't hear the engine running or see anything on the screen. could someone tell me whats wrong with it and a little avice on how to fix it would be extremely helpful.

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Do you have a PC monitor?

by mr.sweetchuck In reply to laptop problems

Sounds to me like the screen failed.

Do you have a spare PC monitor? You could shut down the laptop, plug in the monitor and restart the laptop. IF you get a picture on the PC monitor, then the laptop screen, (or the connection to it) is the problem.

I'm not sure how technical you are, so you may want to leave this step to a professional.

Shut down the laptop again. This time you'll need to open it up. Take the screen out and verify that the wiring is ok. (Google the model of the laptop and replace screen for instructions.) If you have a friend with the same laptop, ask if you can swap and test. If they have the same problem, then the screen is definately. After that, you have two options. Either go to hp and look for a replacement screen or buy a new laptop.

Hope this helped,

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If you dis-assemble the notebook.

by 1bn0 In reply to Do you have a PC monitor?

Do use an external moitor first to verify the video chip is still working O.K. If it is then:

Check the lcd panel connections carefully.

I have an older IBM notebook that the screen would just blank out suddenly with no warning.

Take it appart put it back together, it would work fine. Did this twice.

The third time I paid more attention. one of the ribbon connectors on the back of the LCD panel was held in place with a piece of cloth tape over the connection. The cloth tape would soften from the heat inside the cover group and allowed the connector to wiggle loose as the lid was opened and closed over time.

I replaced the tape with a plastic backed paper tape and never had any more problem with it.

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If you can't 'hear' it - most likely you have fan failure ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to laptop problems

In which case, every time you turn it on the computer itself turns off due to excessively high instantaneous heat.

So, can you hear/see the fan(s) turning?

If not, then you need a new fan.

It's a much cheaper / easier alternative as a first choice rather than dis-assembling the monitor housing which may not even be the cause.

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You really need to contact HP here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to laptop problems

They recalled several different models with Overheating Issues. So if this is one of those models they will fix it for you free.

If it's not post back with the Model Number and what is actually running. can you feel any air coming out of the slot at the back or on the side of the NB? and things like that.


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by elliebellyhoubert In reply to laptop problems

I've done more looking at it and it seems like its in standby mode. Thanks for all the help anyways.... I'm taking it to go get fixed before mum finds out and kills me. XD

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Have a quick look here ElliBelly :)

by Jacky Howe In reply to Thanks

HP Notebook PCs - Notebook Does Not Startup or Boot Displaying a Blank Screen

You may be able to check a few things yourself.

< add a bit >

You didn't by chance get an extended Warranty. Otherwise follow the instructions in the link.

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