laptop problem...stuck on obtaining IP addresse??

By zwollf ·
I have been searching for days on how to fix my laptop...its a Dell vostro 1000 and I have been connected wirelessly to a friends router prior to this....but suddenly when i go to connect to my new router, it shows the connection, ( Ive entered the router into my wirless thingie) it gets stuck on obtaining IP addresse and wont go further.
Ive disabled any and all firewalls so theres no conflict there...Ive tried changing the setting to Open on the router setting that i added, even disabled other connections that were showing up on my wireless options...and still the same thing

If someone has some advice, it would be greattttly appreciated. Im running windows xp home if that helps.!

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What is the Router that you have here?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to laptop problem...stuck on ...

By the sounds of things it's not issuing IP Addressing.

How did you setup this device?

You should connect to it with a CAT 5 Cable and run the Setup Program before attempting to connect wirelessly.


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Reponse To Answer

by zwollf In reply to What is the Router that y ...

The thing thats getting me is that I have already connected to other friends wireless just by entering the number passkey thing on the router into my wireless connection control....and when i connect with the cord, it doesnt do anything because i dont have the ethernet drivers installed...( i was going to download them once i got connected lol) I have a qwest router pk5000z

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You still need to setup the New Router first

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to laptop problem...stuck on ...

You have to at the very least Enter your User Name & Password for the ISP Your Internet Provider to know who it is that is connecting to them and who to charge.

The Router that you connected to was already setup and all that was required is what you did enter the PassPhrase, but with out the Router being Setup it doesn't work. Well at least there is no Internet Connection.

If you have the Install Disc or Driver Disc for your Computer/M'Board you have the Network Drivers there.


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Key: "New" router.

by seanferd In reply to laptop problem...stuck on ...

Routers must be set up in the network.

So, what Col said.

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Basic router setup.........

by stevenday In reply to laptop problem...stuck on ...

Connect to the router via the cable pone you have your network drivers installed, open up internet explorer, in the address bar type in the routers IP address, some manufactures put it on the bottom of the router (eg If there is a wizard use it to set everything up, its usually the easiest. Put in an ssid and leave the security to none. Save settings and restart the router and see if you can connect wirelessly to the new SSID(Wireless network name). If you still cant connect check that the DHCP is turned on on the router, should be by default. You should find it under LAN.
If this doesnt help you will have to set the IP address up manually on the wireless network card. Start - Connect to - Show all connections - Right click wireless network card - properties - TCP/IP - Click on use the following IP address -( If the routers ip address is then your ip will be the same except the last number, make it 100). Subnet mask will proberly be and the gateway will be the routers IP address. Set you DNS to and alternative to Alternativly upgrade to windows 7, your life will be allot simpler....

Hope this helps

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