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laptop purchese

By nicholas.maggio ·
I am looking to by a Laptop after my laptop of 4 years. CF-71 tough book finally gave out.
Does anybody have any recomendations?

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by jmgarvin In reply to laptop purchese

I'm not a HUGE fan, but Dell has pretty damn good support for laptops when things go wrong.

I am also partial to the Toshiba laptops as Linux slides onto them pretty easily.

Keep in mind that Dell fans and batteries tend to die and that Toshiba's get pixel burn out. So make sure to plonk down the extra cash on a 3 year warrenty.

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Toughest book around, Thinkpad

by Oz_Media In reply to laptop purchese

There is a lot of argument about desktop computers, who makes the best, the fine line between cheap crap and quality product etc.

When it comes to NOTEBOOKS, there is nobody that holds a canlde to IBM's Thinkpads for reliability, support and durability. Buy extended 5 year ONSITE care, you get a different tech line to call with GOOD tech support reps, you don't get lumped in with all the idiot level 1 techs and home users when you call in.

IBM Thinkpads are unbelievable, I've had a Tosh, a Dell, and a Compaq notebook, all complete crap (well the Toshiba was pretty nice, Dell was the absolute worst peice of crap I had ever booted and has the most useless tech support and poor hardware quality) when compared to the Thinkpad. Nobody does it better than IBM when it come to the notebook world.

I won't even offer support for other notebooks anymore, don't care to and can't be bothered to. If a cliet calls me with notbook issues that are not Thinkpads, I'll give them a number of a friend to call, I just won't waste my time with the endless BS.

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