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    Laptop reboots after Windows login but never in safe mode

    by rapido997 ·


    Hi all. Laptop Acer Aspire 8735g (I know it’s old but It did everything I needed and had a lovely large screen)
    A couple of years ago I updated the processor (from an Intel Core Two Duo T6600 to a T9550 variant) and increased the RAM from 4 to 8 Mb.
    I did this so that I could take advantage of VTx and run Virtual machines. I also added an SSD drive. All worked well and the increase in speed made it possible to do a bit of CAD too. The BIOS is still V1.04 as I could never get it to update. Over the summer, during lock down, the Laptop started to reboot randomly. Sometimes after several hours sometimes less. As the months went by the period of time before the laptop went black screen and reboots has got less and less. It always restarts on its own but now only lasts a few seconds after the windows login screen and then it shuts down and reboots. It does not do this in safe mode or if I disable the drivers for the processor cores. I have replaced the graphics card with one that I believe was from a working machine but the same happens. Memtest showed no errors after several hours. Windows event log shows no specific errors except the unexpected loss of power.
    Yesterday I swopped the processor back to the T6600 and low and behold no issues at all. Laptop runs OK no rebooting been on all night without issues.
    So what could be causing this to happen. I have seen stuff on the internet about a chip called NEC TOKIN (capacitors) failing on other laptops and causing this type of issue but cannot see why this issue is not encountered by the original T6600 chip. I have also heard that there have been reports of chipset issues that give this kind of problem but surely if it was that then both my processors would suffer in the same way
    Any help appreciated as I have lots of stuff on my virtual machines and the laptop is too slow to do any CAD with the old chip…. Oh and I have been made redundant so have no money to buy a new laptop.

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