Laptop Replacement Ac Adapter has blown.

By jcdf2 ·
I believe my laptops AC power adapter has blown. My laptop is a Compaq series pp2140.
When using the laptop the power adapter used to frequently make a squealing noise and get very hot. Now it has stopped working.
I also noticed that the laptop has an input rating of 18.5V and 4.9A.
The Replacement AC Adapter Model: Series PPP009L has an output of 18.5V and 3.5A
Could this cause the adapter to overload and burn out?
I am curious about this because I need to know which adapter to buy, the same model as the old one or a different model?

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Try this adaptor ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Laptop Replacement Ac Ada ...
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Not enough current

by mjd420nova In reply to Laptop Replacement Ac Ada ...

Yes, you overloaded that adapter. If it could only supply three and half amps and the unit would draw four point nine amps, you're lucky that the adapter blew out instead of the laptop. Often when more current is drawn than the rating, things get hot and this would have caused the transformer to swell and vibrate, thus the squeel. I would look for an adapter with a higher current rating that five amps at the same voltage in order to insure against a repeat occurance. What happened to the original adapter??

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You need a Mains Adapter

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Laptop Replacement Ac Ada ...

That has a 4.9A at 18.5 Volts or greater Rating so an Adapter that is rated to 5A at 18.5V will work but you can not go to a lower Rating than the 4.9A.


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