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    Laptop screen flickering and fading to black

    by robin hage ·


    I have an Asus UX501V with touch screen from 2016 which shows some strange problems with the screen recently.

    When I start the laptop everything is working just fine. But at some point the screen starts flickering and fades to black (the laptop continues working but the screen just shows its last image fading to stripes or total blackness). When I connect the HDMI to an external screen everything works fine and when I duplicate the screens I can even use the the touch of my malfunctioning screen while its flickering and it will corectly follow on the duplicated screen.

    Moving the malfunctioning screen might sometimes help to remove the black screen and show a flickering image again but quite soon it moves back to black. I updated the drivers and disabled and enabled both graphic cards. This didnt seem to be the problem. I suspect a problem with the connection to the screen. But the strange thing is that at some moments it works fine and also at those moments moving the screen doesnt seem to impact the working of it.

    The computer shops in my area have no idea how to fix this problem so I hope somebody might be able to help.

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      Since you fiddled with drivers and maybe more.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Laptop screen flickering and fading to black

      One last test is to boot up another OS such as Linux to confirm it’s a hardware failure. Shops don’t deal with this problem since it’s usually a display, cable or motherboard failure but the failure does not tell you which part it is.

      A shop must give you the worst case estimate so they’ll estimate all three items which you can imagine is more than the laptop is worth.

      Don’t fret though there is something you can consider if you want to gamble a few dollars. Mind you I do the Linux boot test before I call it hardware but moving on since that test showed it’s a hardware issue. Since moving the display seems to show it’s a connection issue I’d google up YouTubes on teardown of this model to decide if I want to try a new display cable.

      That’s not much money unless you have it done at the usual shops. If that doesn’t fix it then the cost to repair has always been too high.

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        flickering screen going to black screen

        by robin hage ·

        In reply to Since you fiddled with drivers and maybe more.

        Thanks for the reply! After lots of testing I located the problem to be the bottom of my screen (the black part where the asus logo is). When I press that part the problem starts occuring! I also noticed that once the problem with the screen occurs (for example after pressing the asus logo part). The only way to get the screen back to normal is to turn of the screen with f7 on my keyboard, and turning it back on after a minute or so. This whole lower part of the screen gets super hot. Especially on maximum brightness and I suspect that when I turn the screen of it cools down rapidly which makes it function properly again. However I regret touching it a moment ago because the last couple of days it was just working fine and it seems that I reintroduced that flickering screen problem.

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          Re: flickering screen

          by kees_b ·

          In reply to flickering screen going to black screen

          So it clearly is hardware.

          You can go and ask a repair shop to have a look at it to see if (for a 5 year old laptop) it’s worth the cost to fix it. If that’s too expensive, it’s time for another laptop, it seems.

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          Solution flickering screen

          by robin hage ·

          In reply to Re: flickering screen

          So it was a hardware problem! The digitizer of the touchscreen was just fine, ended up replacing the LCD and now all is well again!

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