Laptop screen flickering

By HotMando ·
My laptop flickers time to time..sometimes its really bad, and sometimes its gone altogethor. I've ran driver sweeper in safe mode, and then installed the latest drivers already. But the problem persists...Its already been 2-4 weeks. I'm not sure if this is a hardware problem or a driver issue. Maybe my graphic card is failing?

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Most likely the backlight is failing

by robo_dev In reply to Laptop screen flickering

If you plug in an external monitor, and it does not flicker, then the video card is OK.

If the laptop is more than a couple of years old, the most common failure is the florescent backlight bulb or the inverter board, which is part of the display. The inverter functions like a florescent light ballast.

If your display gets orange or pink tinting when it's flickering, it's the bulb, and if you hear a high-voltage arcing/buzzing sound, it's the inverter board.

When it's 'gone' altogether, shine a very bright flashlight on the screen. If you can see the image, then it's the backlight that's out.

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by HotMando In reply to Most likely the backlight ...

Its white, just white flickering. so its not the bulb. This laptop is only a little more than a year old so it might not be the backlight bulb. Actually..sometimes I hear a high screetched sound from my laptop but people have told me it was my fan( hitting something but idk). Can you explain more to me? Also, I have used compressed air before. could that also be a reason why my hardware is like this?

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by NexS In reply to Laptop screen flickering

Does your screen flicker in safe mode?

What brand and model is your laptop?

Have you been to the supplier's website and followed any troubleshooting steps?

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by HotMando In reply to Questions:

I will try to run in safe mode to see if it will flicker. Its an Asus g71x. I don't believe asus has any troubleshooting.

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If the screen is flickering

by NexS In reply to reply

Then it would *most likely* be hardware issues, which you would then return it to the store you bought it from to have the screen replaced under warranty (assuming it's still under warranty).

If it's not under warranty anymore, you'll have to fork our some dollars.

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Maybe Power Connector or Cord

by oldbaritone In reply to Laptop screen flickering

I just bought a new AC adapter for my Latitude D600. I have the brightness settings different on battery power, so when the power connection is intermittent, the screen flickers bright/dim as the system switches between AC and battery.

Cat chewed the wire. I bought a new supply and all better now.

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check this

by prrethish In reply to Laptop screen flickering

Log in to the bios setting screen
check whether the same thing happening

Also connect u r laptop to an crt or lcd monitor

If it happening then it is a hardware problem
probably the cable problem

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by HotMando In reply to check this

All I have to do is connect my laptop to a tv monitor? If theres flickering on the tv then it is a hardwaree problem right?

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Laptop Screen flickering

by ashily24dee In reply to Laptop screen flickering


Due to the problems in the inverter or due to the troubles in the cable connection usually screen flickering happens in the display of Laptop. As the inverters are responsible to supply power to the back-lit of the screen, any problem in the inverter would create troubles. By replacing your inverter and by checking the connections of the cable in your laptop, this problem could be easily resolved.

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