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Laptop screen flickers

By solarfields ·
I have a Toshiba Qosmio X550-8100x. I bought it a year and a half back. It fell down once from my bed, and since then, though not immediately, the laptop screen backlight began flickering when only on battery. When on AC charge + battery it rarely flickers.
When it is steady and not moved the screen is fine. But when it moves slightly the flickering begins and the backlight dies out. After I put it to sleep and start it again the backlight resumes function. Any idea on what the exact problem could be ? Could it be a loose cable ? Thanks for your suggestions.

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Couple of thougts

by robo_dev In reply to Laptop screen flickers

First of all, there are three parts here...the backlight bulb, the inverter board, and the wires going to/from the inverter board.

The bulb typically fails by tinting orange, then going out, but sometimes, just like a shop light, the bulb starts flickering.

the inverter board tends to work or burn up

The weak link is the cable, and where it plugs in.

some laptops have the inverter in the main chassis, and run the high-voltage to the display through a shielded round cable or ribbon, either of which are fragile.

Some have the inverter board inside the display, and they run low voltage cable from main chassis to power it up.

In your case, I would guess either your inverter lamp is on the way out,one of the cables is damaged, or one of the cables is partly unseated (due to the fall).

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Thanks !

by solarfields In reply to Laptop screen flickers

Thanks for finding time to post. Cable is exactly what crossed my mind too. I gave it for repair 6 days ago, along with dust removal. Haven't heard from them at all. Was beginning to think it would cost me a lot to repair.

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