Laptop Screen goes black after Windows loading screen.

By Lukehill420 ·
Hey, I'll try and give as much infomation as I can and hopefully there is help out there.

The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite P100-188 and is running XP.

This started happening on my mums laptop(the one in question) about 4/5 day ago. She said it had gone off whilst she was using it normally one night, and the following day whilst I was using it the same thing happened shortly after I'd logged onto my account. Ever since it hasn't gotten past the Windows loading screen.

I've had a look on Google for any help, one mentioned a problem with the drivers for the video card. Its a NVIDIA Geforce Go 7600.

Another I've just looked at said that the video card is dead. I don't know how old the laptop is, but its been in the hands of a gamer previously.

I followed up some of the suggestions related to the video card drivers issue and it does work in safe mode. It also works when I uninstalled the drivers for the NVIDIA card, though the visual quality is really bad, and scrolling is choppy and slow.

Two other suggetions recommended I install the latest drivers from NVIDIA, which put me back to square one with screen going blank after Windows loads. Another suggested an older driver. That worked for about half an hour when what I described originally happened again. I.e. went blank during normal use and then went blank after Windows loaded.

So any help regarding the drivers, or perhaps another solution. Or just confirmation that the card is indeed dead would be lovely, and I'd be very grateful.

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Sounds as if the Video Card is breaking down

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Laptop Screen goes black ...

You'll need to do some Hardware Diagnostics here. You can use the Ultimate Boot CD available free from here

And run some Diagnostics on the Video Card. Your description though sounds as if the Video is OK when there are no drivers installed but when you load any drier which causes the Video Card to start generating better Video and upping the heat generated it goes out.

You could try a Cool Pad like the one here

And see if that improves things any but if ti does it's only a Stop Gap measure and eventually the M'Board will need replacing.

You could also try looking on the Toshiba Web Site and see if this unit is affected by one of the faulty NVidia Video Cards. It may have been recalled for repairs but I'm not sure that NVidia has even reached any sort of settlement over the affected Video Cards yet.


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Laptop Screen goes black after Windows loading screen.

by balge In reply to Laptop Screen goes black ...

tried this?
boot it in safe mode and uninstall graphics card from device manager and drivers through add/remove programs, reboot to Windows normally - hopefully - and let 'found new hardware' install the card, then make sure screen resolution is set to your screens native resolution
If it doesn't find drivers itself , then try Toshiba for drivers first, Nvidia only have beta, besides I see no mention of Nvidia graphics on Tosh site?

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since it works in safe mode

by Sue T In reply to Laptop Screen goes black ...

do you have updates automatically installing. were any new programs, drivers, etc. installed? The first thing I would try would be a system restore to a time before the problem started just in case an update was installed that is causing problems/conflicts. Is there any thing in the event viewer that relates?

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You can also try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Laptop Screen goes black ...

Go to the Nvidia site and download the Latest NVidia Drivers.

Resart the System in Safe Mode. Navigate to Device Manager and uninstall the Video Driver.

Navigate to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers and re-name this file "nv4_mini.sys" to "nv4_mini.old".

You should be able to start normally, if not restart in Safe Mode and install the new drivers.

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