Laptop Shift Key Problems

By Mad Bee ·
For the past 6 months I've had a problem with the keyboard on my Vaio laptop.

I've seen various posts on the forum about Sticky Keys, Num Lock being activated, and Regional Settings being wrong but I?ve already checked these out and none of these are causing my problem.

When I use my left shift key to capitalise a letter or to get a character I always get the number 9 or a left bracket prefixed. So if I wanted to type my name, I'd get 9James or sometimes (James.

My right shift key does similar. It prefixes a lower case L.

Also sometimes hitting the L key without holding shift generates a capital.

I have been using the Caps Lock key when I want to capitalise, but when I want to use Shift + character or Shift + number to generate the top character I have to use Character Map. As you can imagine I?m pretty much fed up of this now!

I've not tried using an external keyboard. But I'll take my work one home with me tonight as I've just checked and it's USB.

Has anyone experienced this sort of problem before?



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Post back after using the external keyboard...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Laptop Shift Key Problems

If the problem is solved - you need a new laptop keyboard.

If the problem persists - your laptop keyboard-interpreter chip is faulty, a trip to a Sony engineer being the order of the day.

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New keyboard it is!

by Mad Bee In reply to Post back after using the ...

I tried the external keyboard and it work fine.

Looks like I need a new laptop keyboard.


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by DJ_Pates In reply to Laptop Shift Key Problems

Hi, this may be your solution:

Press Alt+Shift

Check your Language bar option for any discrepancies.

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What im thinking

by adminmichael In reply to Laptop Shift Key Problems

I had a similar problem and the problem was the numeric pad on the keyboard do you have an extend number pad or do you just have the standard keyboard that has the keys and the numbers above because if that key is turned on it can cause that problem!

i think that key is called pad lock or something like that!

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