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    Laptop Shutdown


    by watdog43m ·

    I have Micron PC Transport GX3. It performs fine when using normal applications and DVD viewing. When I try to play games, it plays for a few minutes then shutsdown without warning. The pc does not have a problem booting back up. It is running a Radeon 7500 ATI. I have noticed that the laptop does get extremely hot. I have downloaded graphic accelerators, but to no avail. What type upgrades can I do to be able to play video games? And also what can I do to make the laptop run cooler?

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      by p.j.hutchison ·

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      In stead of accelerating the graphics, try reducing the performance so it will run a little slower and less hot. Open Display control panel and on Troubleshoot tab, reduce the performance down a notch or two.

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      by house ·

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      No amount of software is going to help. Do not use these graphics accelerators. Only use the software for ATI card.

      Create a seperate hardware profile for gaming. On the gaming profile, disable some unwanted services. Drop the desktop resolution and special effects in windows to boot into a safe mode type environment. Check out for a list of services and configuration options.

      You won’t be able to push a laptop quite as hard as a destop with similar specs. The games you are trying to run are simply too much for your laptop to handle.

      Also, more system memory (if possible) to reduce the swap and leave the power adapter in.

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