Laptop shuts down no warning as battery is low.

By Healer ·
Since I have my laptop Acer Extensa 2303LC installed with Windows 7 Pro, the laptop simply shuts down without warning when the battery power gets too low.

I have gone through the Power Options. There does not seem to be anything I can do to rectify it.

When it has XP installed, it always warns as the battery is getting low.

I wonder if there is something I could have missed.

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I'm not sure if this will help or not....

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Laptop shuts down no warn ...

I don't have Windows 7 installed on a laptop (only a desktop) so I can't look at my settings...but I came across this for should be similar for Windows 7....have a look & see if it helps.

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No battery option found.

by Healer In reply to I'm not sure if this will ...

I have been through the Power Options many times but just couldn't find an option for battery. I wonder why. Is it possible for some reason the operating system does not recognize my laptop?

You have just reminded me. I checked another laptop that also has Windows 7 installed. I found it did have an option for battery. Now I've got to chase something else.

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When you select one of the Power Plans...

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to No battery option found.

Power Saver is where I would try....

There's a link at the bottom allowing you to change "advanced power settings"'s supposed to have a "battery" option/tab for it displayed for you?

Have you tried creating a "custom" plan to see if the battery option is displayed?

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No battery in Device Manager

by Healer In reply to When you select one of th ...

I've just checked the Device Manager. There was no battery in there. It must be because the installation of Windows 7 Pro didn't pick up the battery. This laptop had XP Pro installed before and it was all right in regard that.

It looks like I need to find a device driver for the battery. The device manaager does have some unknown devices which still have not been solved. I didn't know the battery was missing until just now.

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In Device Manager....

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to No battery in Device Mana ...

Sounds like it's not detecting your "proper" motherboard...probably picked up a "generic" driver for it & doesn't know it's a laptop.

Did you check the support site for your MB & see if there are drivers for Windows 7?

Edited for....

I see the last chipset update is 2008 & the Extensa 2303LC doesn't support Windows 7?

Second edit for....nor does it support Vista?

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in the control panel

by Sue T In reply to Laptop shuts down no warn ...

open Sound and choose the Sounds tab. In the Program Events about 1/2 way down the screen scroll down until you see Low Battery Alarm and set the sound you want to hear (be sure to test it to be sure the sound you chose works). Do this for Critical battery alarm also. That should take care of your problem if you have everything else set right in power options.

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They are all set up.

by Healer In reply to in the control panel

Thanks! I can see all the battery alarms set up in there. I don't remember I heard any audible alarms before the computer shut down. It could be because the computer didn't recognize the battery for it was not found in the device manager.

I am still looking for unique sounds for the battery alarms and will test it and let you know. Thanks again!

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Hi Sue...I have that on my Desktop....I don't have a battery

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to in the control panel

That's just the sound settings for "events"....if the computer doesn't have the ability to "detect" the event, it makes no difference.....

All Windows installalations have that option....for me, it would only work if I had a UPS connected.

Good observation though.

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I don't have

by Sue T In reply to Hi Sue...I have that on m ...

the problem of the battery not showing in device manager but all I had to do on my Asus netbook running Windows 7 was to assign a working sound to it and I now hear the sound when my battery reaches those levels. I'm sorry that did not work for you. Hopefully someone else will have an idea that fixes your problem. I would definitely look on the manufacturers site for all updates needed for windows 7 for your hardware.
Good Luck.

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Darryl was right.

by Healer In reply to I don't have

I tested it again and it didn't work. Somebody has suggested to me to try the in-place repair option. In other words, I need to do an upgrade to Windows 7 on a Windows 7 system. It is a re-installation after booting up the system. I suppose we hope that somehow all the drivers would be found then. I will try when I get a chance.

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