Laptop shutting off when battery is in

By justin5 ·
Okay been using a Toshiba M40 laptop without much fuss, just today it shut off unexpectedly. First time it happened. When I turn it back on, it loads up XP, then when my apps are loading up, and my antivirus is doing a startup scan, it shuts off again, happens 3 times in a row. Looked closely at the lights, there are four blue lights (AC/Power/Battery/HDD), and when it shuts down, all four go out, then 2-3 secs later the AC and Battery come back on. Finally got the shutdowns to stop by taking out battery. Ran MobileMeter and my temps are around 55C which shouldn't be overheating.

Now I admit i do keep the battery in at all times, i realize this might shorten the battery life but one time after a power shortage caused me to lose a document that i hadn't saved, i always keep the battery in as protection from when the AC power goes out. But these shutdowns are like my laptop suddenly passes out. I searched another thread and someone said something about voltage and overloading problems, but i had no problems up until now, could a faulty battery be the cause of this problem? Thanks.

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I would say your battery is gone....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Laptop shutting off when ...

When you had the power outage it most probably caused the battery to go dead. Time to get a new one and then test it out. I had the same with my laptop batt, it is fine now. One thing to remember though, now and again let the battery drain completely even overnight if you have to and then charge it up, i do this about once a month. Doing it this way you should get at least five years of life out of it.

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The battery can cause power failure?

by justin5 In reply to I would say your battery ...

Well the battery didn't die immediately after the shortage, as that was 1~2 years ago and between then i'm sure i used the battery once or twice between that time. But it might have died anyway because I noticed the life was shortening.

Anyways, my question is, can a faulty/dead battery cause this type of total power failure? I would have thought that a dead battery simply meant the laptop would be reliant on AC power only, yet the entire thing shuts off completely. I'm now going to test the laptop by running antivirus scans and then run an intensive 3D game to see if there are any further power problems.

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Not battery!

by justin5 In reply to I would say your battery ...

Nope, doesn't seem to be a battery problem after all, just ran an antivirus scan on AC power without the battery, it shut down again after 1 min. But at least right now i can turn the laptop on and survive the initial startup scan. The shutdowns aren't random it seems, only when it's drawing a lot of power ie doing CPU intensive tasks such as a scan.

Any ideas? Btw by shutdown i mean as if i unplugged the AC without the battery, ie all the lights go out, then a few seconds later the AC light comes back on.

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by mamies In reply to Not battery!

could the problem be that there is a setting in your bios that turns the machine off when it reaches a certain temperature?

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Seams like you need to replace the processor..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Not battery!

Test out another processor, sounds like the old processor is going. Also could be the memory chip(s), test with new.

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