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    Laptop stuck on XP resume screen


    by nicola_holland

    When trying to start my acer travelmate 4150 this morning it wouldn’t boot. The fan whirred and then shut off like when the battery is low so I plugged it into the mains and still had the same problem.

    I tried taking out each ram stick and powering on to check and on removing one of the sticks the laptop started to show the acer flash screen but freezes when the “resuming windows” text comes up.

    I’ve tried pressing various keys to get into bios or cancel the resume but it didnt work.

    Any ideas? 馃檨

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      by nicola_holland

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      If you’re getting “Resuming windows…”

      by older mycroft

      In reply to Laptop stuck on XP resume screen

      then you’re not really booting – you’re recovering from hibernation mode. I’ve got an Acer Aspire myself and when it recovers from a hibernation , just for an instant you can still press F8, just like you can do from the boot screen. This’ll take you into safe mode, and you can then roll-back to the last good configuration.

      Good Luck

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        F8 Doesnt work

        by nicola_holland

        In reply to If you’re getting “Resuming windows…”

        I’ve tried both F2 and F8 to try and get into safe mode but they dont do anything, just goes to the resuming windows screen everytime. I tried putting the HDD into my pc with an adapter kit but it wouldnt detect it so maybe the drive has failed?

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      Re: Laptop stuck on XP resume screen

      by Anonymous

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      Hi Nicola,
      i had the samething happen to me on my laptop (Acer-Ferrari 3200).After Acer collected it they (Acer) said i needed a new motherboard and battery. But before you go down to the computer repair shop just take out the battery and leave it pluged into the mains. This way you will check to find out if it is the battery, if it is the battery then (if your computer is new) you will be able to get a replacement either from the manufacturer or a computer shop.
      I hope this helps.

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        Isn’t the battery

        by nicola_holland

        In reply to Re: Laptop stuck on XP resume screen

        Thanks for your suggestion but it didnt help, it still freezes at the same point with the battery removed.

        Also the laptop is almost 2 years old and out of warrenty

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      resuming windows

      by langlier

      In reply to Laptop stuck on XP resume screen

      unfortunately you are stuck with a corrupted hibernation right now.

      fix #1
      1. While the machine is still powered on, hold the power button down until it powers off. Hopefully this clears the hibernate data… if not we move on to:

      fix #2
      1. Remove the hard drive from the laptop (while powered off with no battery/ac power)

      2. On a 2nd PC connect the hard drive via either an external USB enclosure or internally as a 2nd drive (youll likely need a 2.5″ adapter).

      3. On the hard drive in the root directory make sure you can view system files and folders. Delete hiberfil.sys.

      4. Replace the hard drive and boot.

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        HDD isnt detected

        by nicola_holland

        In reply to resuming windows

        Thanks for the advice, I have already tried both of these fixes though.

        When I plugged the HDD into my PC using an adapter it wasn’t detected at all.

        Could the HDD be the fault?

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          most certainly

          by langlier

          In reply to HDD isnt detected

          but make sure you have no other devices on that cable if you are plugging it in directly rather then through a USB enclosure.

          Also make sure the adapter works. they are notoriously unreliable so its definately possible you have a bad adapter.

          im a little suspect that its the hard drive just because you do resume partway from windows. can you do a hard drive test from a bootable disk inside the laptop?

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        Thanks –

        by scrocket

        In reply to resuming windows

        You got me out-of a tight jam with this tip!

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