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Laptop suggestion....

By onbliss ·
[well I asked yesterday suggestion for MSDN subscription :-)))]

Ok, I want to buy a notebook for personal use. Here are my basic requirements: I would have IIS, SQL Server, .Net, MS Office among other utilities and software. I want to use this laptop for developing and learning. So I will be writing and testing programs. I would probably load beta versions of software too. I intend to use it at home, yet will likely carry it to work (will not necessarily hook to the enteriprise network).

I am looking at a DVD writer and some wireless networking too. I need DVD writer to burn the stuff I record from my camcorder. I do not intend to use this laptop as a multi-media device or watch movies.

What are your suggestions in terms of the configuration, based on my specifications? I was thinking of atleast 1giga memory with 80GB hard disk. I am confused between Intel Mobile (p4) and Intel Centrino. I don't know which one I should go for.

Also what are your suggestions as far as branding? I heard "Made in Japan" Sonys are better than "Made in China" Sonys.


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Centrino - according to articles I have read

by jdclyde In reply to Laptop suggestion....

Runs cooler and uses less power so your system won't overheat or drain your battery too quickly.

The P4's get HOT. Many find them uncomfortable to even have sitting on your lap because they get so hot.

You forgot to mention one important piece of information before anyone can recommend a laptop.

How much money are you willing to spend?

As for brand, I have had good luck with IBM thinkpads.

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About $1,800

by onbliss In reply to Centrino - according to a ...

..that much I can afford.

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I agree

by jdmercha In reply to Centrino - according to a ...

I too think IBM builds one of the best laptops. But they tend to be pricey. I have had good luck with Dell.

You might want to check the Dell Outlet Store or for a bargain.

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Thanks....I bought Dell

by onbliss In reply to I agree

..Inspiron 9300. So far it has met my expectations. I am yet to fully utilize it and check out its performance. Sometimes I do feel I should have gone for a larger HDD and Battery.

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Mobile line of processors are faster..

by onbliss In reply to Centrino - according to a ...

...or so I heard. Yes they consume more power (thereby draining the battery), but someone told me that Mobile line has better performance than Centrino.

The "Geek Squad" at Best Buy were saying the only difference between the two are that, Centrino (apart from consuming less power and portable), uses Intel's wireless.

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Power savings was the point

by jdclyde In reply to Mobile line of processors ...

and heat.

you said you got the dell, what processor did you go with?

People that buy a laptop so they will have a portable computer generally need the longer battery life more than the biggest baddest prosessor speed available.

Geek Squad. BAH! You would talk to people that are inforcing an unfavorable steriotype that we have finally gotten away from? It was finally fashionable to be a geek, and then they come along.

Side note, just how much computer knowledge do you really expect someone working in a department store?

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centrino all the way. Huge difference.

by info In reply to Laptop suggestion....

centrino all the way. Huge difference.

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by 3xp3rt In reply to Laptop suggestion....

For this kind of job, my advice is HP-COMPAQ NX6120. We recently buy one with Intel Centrino, 512 mb RAM, 80 GB HDD, 2L DVD writer, LAN, wireless, and so on.
Also it?s equipped with fingerprint login device. This Laptop has a very good price, that?s mean about 1500$. Like power it?s also have the advantage to have battery for 4.5 hours of work, and travel battery pack for more 5.5 hours, totally 10 hours of work.

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