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    Laptop switching from WIFI to Ethernet/DNS Problems


    by mmcwilliams1 ·


    In the past couple of months we’ve been starting to use Dell Latitude 5410 and 5420 laptops. I’ve noticed that when the laptop is plugged directly into Ethernet, not via a dock, that when you ping the hostname of the laptop it shows the last wireless IP it was connected to and not the Ethernet IP. It doesn’t change even if the laptop has been connected to Ethernet for several hours. It just hangs on to that wireless IP address for some reason. I’ve upgraded the Ethernet and WIFI drivers with no luck. I’ve even deleted the DNS record of the wireless IP and after a reboot of the laptop, with the Ethernet cable plugged in, it keeps pinging the wireless IP. We have around (15) of this model of laptop and their the only machines that are exhibiting this behavior. Any ideas?

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      by rproffitt ·

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      So this is a typical Windows thing and for me to force the change I have to turn on Airplane mode which forces Windows to use the hard line (Ethernet.)

      Yes, folk will debate what Windows and drivers should or should not do under such and such conditions but there are controls to force the PC to use which connection you want.

      Microsoft and others don’t consider this to be a bug.

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