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    Laptop time/date keeps changing !!?


    by ispeck ·

    I recently swapped the drive on my Dell Inspiron 4150 laptop, from the factory 40gb to a 60gb. I would consider my self intermediate and have some knowledge of PC’s. However, when I reloaded win-xp and all my other programs etc., something weird started happening about a week after then installations. No weird programs, pretty much alll the same things I had previous, didn’t experience any errors or anomaly’s during that process. But now the clock keeps jumping forward in time, either when it is on or off…it got to the year 2012 once…????
    I keep resetting it, to no avail…does anyone out there know what it is? I have had batteries go dead before, but that, I would think, means it would lose time, not go forward in time.
    …driving me crazy…any help.


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      by ispeck ·

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      Laptop time/date keeps changing !!?

      by mutale ·

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      I have the same problem! my Laptop (windows XP, HP compaq nw8440) keeps changing the date even when i just switch users. the time remains the same but the date sometimes jumps to 2011, or goes back to 2007. it short, it randomizes the date! Any one know the problem?

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      Sounds much more like a Faulty Real Time Clock Chip here

      by oh smeg ·

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      That however means a new M’Board if that is the case here.

      You can try running the Dell Diagnostics the full description is available here

      Or you could refit the Old Drive and see if the same situation Continues to occur. If it doesn’t look at the specifications of the HDD that was in the NB and the one that you fitted. Pay particular attention to the Required Power to run the HDD. If this is significantly different it could be requiring more power than the NB can comfortable handle and drawing the 5 V DC rail low causing all sorts of screwy problems.


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      Did you replace the reserve battery.

      by dmambo ·

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      That’s always the first step. In fact it’s the only thing Radio Shack is good for.

      From Dell’s support site:

      Reserve Battery

      Dell? Inspiron? 4150

      Removing the Reserve Battery
      NOTICE: The reserve battery provides power to the computer’s RTC and NVRAM when the computer is turned off. Removing the battery causes the computer to lose the date and time information as well as all user-specified parameters in the BIOS. If possible, make a copy of this information before you remove the reserve battery.
      NOTICE: Disconnect the computer and any attached devices from electrical outlets, and remove any installed batteries.
      NOTICE: To avoid ESD, ground yourself by using a wrist grounding strap or by touching an unpainted metal surface on the computer.
      NOTICE: Read “Preparing to Work Inside the Computer” before performing the following procedure.

      1. Remove the hard drive.

      2. Remove the keyboard.

      3. Disconnect the reserve battery cable from the system board connector.

      4. Pry the reserve battery free from the system board. The reserve battery is attached to the system board with a piece of adhesive tape.

      5. Remove any remnants of the adhesive tape from the EMI shield.

      Replacing the Reserve Battery

      1. Connect the reserve battery cable to the system board connector, and then route the battery cable through the opening in the EMI shield to the battery tray.

      2. Remove the backing from the adhesive on the bottom of the reserve battery, and press the battery into place in the battery tray.

      3. Update the BIOS using the flash BIOS update program CD.

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