Laptop to TV --> some signal but useless

By NamaSamaran ·
My Video Card is listed as: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670

My laptop is Dell XPS Studio 16 with Windows 7

My TV is RCA, 9 yr old, CRT, the only connection is AVI in and antenna

My DVD is Samsung (also DVD recorder) with all sort of connections in the back

First schema:

* The first cable is from Cables Unlimited * VGA to TV-out S-Video Adapter * with the blue VGA connector attached to the laptop and at the other end has 2 cables: S-Video out and yellow video out.

* Connected the yellow video out to the video-in connector in the back of the TV.

* Change the monitor display to 'duplicate' (the menu says: Control Panel - Appearance and Personalization - Display - Connect to a projector)

* Change TV channel to Video (channel 00)

Result: get some sort of signal, but absolutely no use as you can not see anything on the TV screen but a barely visible severely distorted image of the desktop.

Second schema:

* Using the first cable mentioned above

* Connected the S-video out to the Samsung DVR using S-video cable from Belkin

* Change the monitor display to 'duplicate'

* Change TV channel to Video (channel 00)

Result: worse than the first schema, as nothing displayed on the TV screen, just black static screen

Is there any configuration I'm missing here? How about the laptop monitor resolution? I changed it to 800x600 the using the yellow video out (first schema), but the TV showed rainy violent horizontal lines. The same result occured when I changed the rate from 60MHz to any other numbers.

Please help. Thank you

VGA to TV-out S-video adapter:

S-video cable:

Also bought Y-audio cable from Belkin for the audio:

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VGA to S-Vid

by Erik In reply to Laptop to TV --> some sig ...

The cable that you purchased to connect VGA to S-Vid will not work. You need a converter or a video card with S-Vid out. Take a look at

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The product (cable) description says:

by NamaSamaran In reply to VGA to S-Vid

"Use this adapter to connect your Computers and Laptops to TVs and Projectors. This adapter works with graphics cards that have TV-Out function capability through the VGA connector. Check your Video Card manual or manufacturer to make sure that your VGA card has TV-Out function capability"

Now the question is: how do I find out if my VGA card has TV-out function capability?


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The max resolution on an old TV

by robo_dev In reply to Laptop to TV --> some sig ...

is likely to be 1024 x 768 @ 30HZ or 640x480@ 30HZ.

Are you using the ATI software to clone the display to the TV? If so, you need to make sure it's set to match the TV (e.g. NTSC versus PAL) and the display resolution is set to something the TV can display.

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Tell me more about the ATI software

by NamaSamaran In reply to The max resolution on an ...

Where can I find that software? Thanks

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It would come with the video card.

by seanferd In reply to Tell me more about the AT ...

Assuming the card has TV out.

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ATI is owned by AMD, FYI

by robo_dev In reply to It would come with the vi ...

With the ATI 'Catalyst' utilities, you should be able to configure your card to whatever resolution it supports. Whether that works with your SDTV is another issue....

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Ok, I do have the Catalyst utility program, but

by NamaSamaran In reply to ATI is owned by AMD, FYI

I saw it for a brief period, and it intimidated me! I was afraid to change anything and make the laptop useless ;-(

I'll look if there documentation in the website.


PS: are you saying that it's time to enter the 21st century and buy a more modern tv? ;-p

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Many newer TVs

by robo_dev In reply to Ok, I do have the Catalys ...

have a VGA port on the back.

Which makes the connect-to-PC task 4.5 million times easier.

Not to mention that the resolution is better, it uses less power, has better sound, etc.

There is only ONE advantage to an old CRT TV.

You cannot play the original Nintendo 'Duck Hunt' on a flat panel LCD won't work.

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