Laptop troubles

By brandon-harris ·
I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo D 1840 laptop that I am having trouble with. When I power the laptop on the power button will come on and stay and you can hear the hard drive as well. Other than that nothing happens. No display or any other lights stay on. I also do not hear the laptop go through post. I was thinking there is a problem with the BIOS or video on the mother board.

I have also connected an external monitor to the laptop but have been unsuccessful at getting an image on the other monitor as well.Any ideas?

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Testing parts

by ThaSniper In reply to Laptop troubles

This problem occurs in a early stage of booting... you won't be able to do much toubleshooting without part replacing.

From your side, I guess that the only testing left to do is, if you have the spares, replacing the memory and hard drive. First one, then another, to check if any of those are broken. You can also check the manufacturer website for known issues on your model, or something.
If no success, its better to take it in for professional service, unless you are capable of replacing processor or, ultimately, the motherboard.

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Testing parts

by brandon-harris In reply to Testing parts

So far I have managed to put a new hard drive and new memory. However, I have noticed that the power light flashes when the power supply is plugged. I have removed the battery and let the power supply hooked up and the power light still flashes.So what I am considering is the power supply otherwise it will probably be a problem with the motherboard.

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anything on the screen?

by mike In reply to Testing parts

after power up, do you get anything on the monitor? Can you open the bios settings and can you see them? Can you boot to a cd or floppy (like win98 or linux bootable floppy). If you have an old cd/dvd of an O/S, try to boot to it. try boting to the bios. If you cannot get video resoultion, and you have tried attaching a monitor to the vga port, its MB time and that is that

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