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By jonny_rees ·
I'm just wondering what cable i'll need so i can watch my laptop on a main tv. I have a dell inspiron 1300 so am not sure which outlets i have.

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Boy ....

by JamesRL In reply to Laptop TV Out

You have the actual notebook and you want us to find out for you??

Did you even look at your laptop at all before you posted?

If your TV has a VGA in, you can use that as the Inspiron has VGA out.

If your TV does not have VGA in, you will have to find a workaround, as the Inspiron 1300 does not have RCA video or S Video out.

Something like this will work:**&CatId=1428


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by jonny_rees In reply to Boy ....

The tv has a scart socket - not sure if that is a VGA or not - im not too knowledgable with the technical language. The inspiron does have a analg VGA port which is a high density DB-15 apparently. I a curious as to what cable i require.

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UNless your TV is VGA compatible

by JamesRL In reply to VGA

And many are not, a simple cable is not enough.

I don't knwo what you mean by scart - is it the S video - with 4 pins and a flat connector in a round connector? Then you would need something like I pointed you to on the tigerdirect site, a box which would convert the VGA to S Video.


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