Laptop Users Backup Recommendation

By CLT-IT_Tech ·
Would like to get the communities' best recommendations for backup process for remote users' laptops.

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laptop backup options

by jtakiwi In reply to Laptop Users Backup Recom ...

Tons of options. I guess the first question would be what do you want to back up? This narrows your focus. Whole laptop, or just critical data? Whole laptop, then you're looking at an imaging solution, and since it is a laptop, you probably want to write that image to removeable media, like a usb hd. Acronis has a sweet piece of software to do this. For only specific files, you have the option of syncing home folders (requires connection to home office network file server where user home folders are stored), or some backup routine (built in backup, or scripting or myriad third party tools) to automate backing up to a usb flash or hd. It has to be simple to use, or the users won't do it.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to laptop backup options


Acronis also has a back up sheduler. Can be setup to backup when computer is shutdown, with options of whether to do a full baclup or incremental.


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The best

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Laptop Users Backup Recom ...

The best i think which works for the users who i provide it support for is to have a matching docking station with a hdd drive plugged into it while using the windows back up utility

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by Sue T In reply to The best

most people only want to backup their documents, music, pictures, etc and I find that the easiest way without them having to carry extra equipment is to just have them copy it to the CD as most computers come with DVD and or CD burners now adays and the media isn't expensive. If you are looking for more then yes you will need an external device or a second hard drive and then I would schedule the backup to happen because when you ask more of the user they tend to forget to do it or don't backup everything you want.

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Combination of the above

by CharlieSpencer In reply to easiest

If you are only looking for back up to restore accidentally deleted data, or in case of a drive crash, I'd go with an external drive and use the Windows synchronization utility. That way the user doesn't have to do anything at all.

If you're looking to retain multiple days / versions of data, or complying with Sorbanes/Oxley or other legal retention requirements, you're going to have to do something more sophisticated. That will probably involve backing the units up over the network to a tape drive.

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Any experience with symantec 11d which claims auto backup?

by patof In reply to Laptop Users Backup Recom ...

I am in the same situation...
and was looking at symantec Continous protection server which claims can backup unattended user's pc...

Does anyone use this product?
Does it work reliably?


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Druva inSync

by pauljacobs In reply to Laptop Users Backup Recom ...

The lesser known solution has ability to detect duplicate content and cut down backup time, bandwidth and storage.

Take a look and you would be socked by the feature set. A must try especially for remote backups -

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