Laptop Warranty "What to Expect?"

By SWATjdavis ·
I work for a public school district. In June of 2006 they bought me an ACER Notebook to use for classroom use since my class is away from the main campus. Cost about $1300.00. The notebook never seemed to work correctly, problems with serial ports and projectors, wireless system, closing and opening programs, and etc. In May, 2007, before the warranty expired, the notebook/laptop crashed. I took it to our tech department and it stayed there. Nobody looked at it or called ACER. Becoming frustrated I bought my own laptop and have lived happily ever since. The Acer Notebook was given back to me to do something with it.
What should I expect ACER to do? It crashed during warranty and I can prove it. My most recent communication with them indicates they would like to have $500 to fix it. I don't feel that it is worth it to fix for $500. Should I continue to pursue this issue or just leave it alone? The first laptop my wife and I bought was an ACER and has worked great the last six years.
Joe Davis
West Plains MO

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leave it

by david.wallis In reply to Laptop Warranty "What to ...

i would leave it, the warranty is only valid with acer if you log the fault with them within the warranty period. even if it was faulty during the warranty period if no call wa smade your not covered. Give it back to the it departmnt and tell them to sort it out, its their job not yours

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Being you were 'given' the Acer for work ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Laptop Warranty "What to ...

Any responibility for what happens next is down to your employer, or your employer's IT department (wouldn't like to be in their shoes!!!).

I'm interested in your description of "problems with serial ports and projectors" since no Acer laptop I have ever seen HAS a serial port.

My Acer laptop has been my staple diet for off- and on-line communication for the past 3 years. Apart from an unfortunate, self-imposed-stupidity, episode with a replacement hard drive - I cannot praise their equipment highly enough.

*Even I couldn't destroy one of their notebooks ~ presently typing on it!!!

<Edited for typo>

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