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laptop will not boot

By thulium ·
I have a Compaq 7800 laptop with WIn98 2nd ed. that will not boot. When turned on it's in the hybernation state and then I receive a "non-system disk or disk error. replace and strike any key when ready" error message.Hitting a key just repeats the message regardless of which drive is in the bay (CD or floppy) or what disk is in the drive. The Quickrestore disk has no effect. Control-alt-delete only restarts the computer and the process is repeated. I cannot get into the cmos on bootup or access any drives although they respond to opening and closing.
Any ideas?? Thanks

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by 1stladytech In reply to laptop will not boot

Sounds like your harddrive died. You need to run a diagnosic routine to verify that the drive is not functioning. But it sounds like you need a new hdd.


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by thulium In reply to

If the hard drive is bad, why is it booting? I would think there would be different error messages instead of the same exact message each time. It's also rather difficult to run a diagnostics in it's present state. I tried booting with the diagnostic disk in the drive and also tried getting into the cmos with no success. It simply ignors all input.

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by tech_wiz03 In reply to laptop will not boot

Remove your harddisk (it should come out through the front somewhere.) Power the laptop down and cold start it. Try and get into the bios from the cold start and set boot order to floppy then cdrom then hdd. The laptop should now try the floppy then the cdrom then default to harddrive which isn't there.

Once you have it in this state you should be able to re-install harddrive boot the win98 emergency disk and try to find and fix errors.

hope this helps

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by wlbowers In reply to laptop will not boot

Every machine is capable of getting to the message non-system disk. Its built into the bios.

The machine is telling you it is trying to "boot" from the drive that you have assigned it to boot from but there it cannot find the information it needs.

As the other thread has stated it appears that the hard drive is corrupt or dying.

The bios needs to be set to boot to the floppy and or cd before the hard drive.

Once this is set you will be able to boot the machine and check your hard drive.


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