Laptop will not boot - lights come on less than one second

By joestar7 ·

My HP laptop will not boot. The lights come on for less than a second and then off. Removed battery, reseated ram. Please advise.


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by Fregeus In reply to Laptop will not boot - li ...

If you remove battery and plug in power supply, does it work?


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Remove everything that can be removed

by robo_dev In reply to Laptop will not boot - li ...

from the system (hard drive, CD-ROM, Ram, modem, wlan, etc). This is only to identify if a shorted or faulty component is causing the system to fail self-test. The hard drive would be the most likely part, since it draws the most power.

Reset the bios, if possible.

Inspect the power supply connection for signs of damage, looseness, etc.

Also try powering up with external video connected, and lid shut, in case a shorted video display component is causing the non-start.

If the system will not stay powered up with a known good power supply, then it's the system board.

The system has a two-step power up cycle. It does a quick self-test before applying full current to the motherboard and display circuitry. If the self-test fails, the soft power-on circuitry will not continue.

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Power adapter

by rjluvkc In reply to Laptop will not boot - li ...

Use a volt meter and check the adapter to ensure it is putting out the appropriate dc voltage. If you have an extra one, try that.
I suspect that first. Hope this helps.

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Probably a mobo or electrical problem

by joestar7 In reply to Laptop will not boot - li ...


I think this is probably a mobo or electrical problem and not worth cost of repair.

Thanks for the help,


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Power adapter

by rjluvkc In reply to Probably a mobo or electr ...

Did you test the adapter? If that is indeed the issue, a new one shouldn't cost that much.

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I've seen this previously when the Mains Adapter is faulty

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Probably a mobo or electr ...

When the Mains Adapter starts to go off it doesn't provide enough voltage and as a result the battery goes flat.

When you have a flat battery and a nonworking Mains Adapter the symptoms that you are describing is exactly what happens because there isn't enough charge in the battery to support running the system or even starting it.

I would suggest trying a different mains adapter first before trashing the NB.


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