Laptop will not boot with battery installed

By miyakajay18 ·
Laptop will not boot with battery installed

The Unit is Samsung NP300E4A-B0ASA
First, Laptop will not boot with battery installed. Second, the Laptop will not boot also when the AC Power is installed.
But when I try press F2 (means the bios setup), and press F10 (means save configuration), it runs smoothly as if nothing happens.
When I restart it, it runs smoothly. It just restart and I don't have to press F2 and F10, just like every time when I normally open it.

Before this happened, I used the AC power instead of using the battery alone. The day after I used it, i placed the battery and the laptop doesn't turn on. I take it out and then used the AC power instead and it turned on. And when I placed again the battery and try to press F2 it turn on. Now a few days later, the same situation goes on now with the AC power. It doesn't reboot and I need to press F2 every time i turn it except I do restart and choose to hibernate or sleep the Unit.
What cause this problem? Thank you so much.

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Possibly failing motherboard battery?

Maybe the battery pack itself is going bad and not holding charge? Though it sounds
more like the motherboard battery needs to be replaced since your settings are not
always being saved if power is removed.

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Put simply the BIOS Settings are not being saved when you power down

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Laptop will not boot with ...

That's the M'Board Battery whatever it is and where ever it's placed needs replacing..


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Buy new battery

by miyakajay18 In reply to Laptop will not boot with ...

Does this mean i need to buy a new battery or replace motherboard battery

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